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Eagle Eye Networks VSP

The complete solution of Eagle Eye Networks uses license plate recognition (Lpr) in multiple locations to achieve both safety goals and business efficiency.

The new package of vehicle surveillance (VSP) For Eagle Eye Cloud VMS captures license plate and vehicle information received from video surveillance cameras and sends it to the cloud, “where it is analyzed, Compare, alert and search to deliver business intelligence that improves efficiency, efficacy and safety”, point from the company.

This complete solution includes Eagle Eye Time Watch, the first time-limited checklist management tool for loss prevention and operational efficiency. VSP detects and captures license plate and other vehicle information by triggering real-time alerts, making decisions to grant or deny access and making other operational judgments.

Eagle Eye Networks VSP

Users can search for vehicles on multiple sites and review content quickly using the video playback feature. Eagle Eye Networks cloud platform provides unlimited recording and camera support, global access and reliability.

This is what he points out. Dean Drako, founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks: “detection, Vehicle identification and tracking is important for companies that manage fleets, track vehicles or generate parking revenue to avoid losses and improve the customer experience. With Eagle Eye VSP, can leverage our Cloud platform to generate more revenue, improve traffic flow and efficiency, reduce losses and make businesses and communities safer”.

Eagle Eye Networks VSP

Eagle Eye Time Watch allows a company to mark the departure and return time of a vehicle, while alerting management or supervisors if a vehicle is outside a predetermined time period, increasing employee efficiency and protecting against theft.

Customers across multiple industries use the vehicle surveillance package to reduce losses and increase profits; improve fleet tracking and management, as well as that of the parking lot or garage, in addition to efficiency and security for enterprise notification and access control needs.

Initially, New Eagle Eye VSP Solution Enables Multi-Site Management and License Plate Data Search for U.S. and Canadian License Plate Libraries, and soon in other regions.

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By • 25 Oct, 2021
• Section: Access control, Systems control, Detection, Services, Video surveillance