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This solution now enables you to enable video analytics for any of the cameras on the user's network from the Control Panel, in addition to being used with any compatible camera, although it doesn't support analytics.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

Eagle Eye Networks, developer of cloud-based video surveillance solutions, has made improvements to the video analytics integrated into its Eagle Eye Networks solution, that users can now activate on any of their cameras easily without having to install additional hardware or software.

Among others, users can receive alerts and analytical data immediately, without the need to apply for system improvements or seek help from their technical staff, as well as enable analytics for any of the cameras in your account from the Control Panel.

It is also possible to use Eagle Eye Analytics with any Camera compatible with Eye Cloud VMS, although the camera doesn't support analytics, and even with analog SD cameras. Today, the following analyses are available:

Eagle eye analitycsPerimeter protection: function to detect whether an object passes a virtual perimeter, where you can specify addresses and define the generation of notifications.

This analytics ensures notifications are sent when security perimeters are breached (a fence, restricted area, Etc.), in addition to being an ideal solution for monitoring building entrances, Parking,…

Intrusion detection: is used to generate a notification when detecting the presence of an object in the restricted areas selected by the user.

count:counts people, objects or vehicles crossing a security perimeter in any direction, with a total record per day and by address, as well as variations in the numbers.

marauding:to control a specific zone and issues an alert if it detects the presence of an object for a period longer than the allowed and previously established dwell time.

Users can also track and view up to twenty-five analysis events through Eagle Eye's Gallery and Viewer tools, that makes it easy to quickly search for required videos and view active motion detection events and analytical data.

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By • 12 Dec, 2018
• Section: Alarms, Access control, Detection, Intrusion, Services, Video surveillance