Bosch at Chopin Airport

The new public address and voice alarm system is based on Praesensa's digital solution from Bosch Security, which has been integrated into the airport's existing IP cabling system, Reducing installation time.

The Warsaw Chopin Airport (EPWA), operated by the Polish state-owned airport company PPL, it is the largest in Poland and one of the most important centers in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, more than 17 Millions of passengers pass through its terminals, which is also the base of Poland's national airline, LOT.

With the old Public address system, Airport staff used an analog call station to make announcements, which were then streamed to standard-quality, wall-mounted speakers.

Bosch at Chopin Airport

Since analog technology was inadequate for the challenging acoustic architecture of the airport building, Passengers were often left unsure about the status of their boarding process.

The new public address and voice alarm system is based on the Praesensa digital solution from Bosch Security. It has been integrated into the airport's existing IP and cabling system, which has significantly reduced installation time.

Ceiling-mounted semi-directional speakers ensure that announcements are accurately delivered to passengers at a particular door.

The flight number, The airline, Destination and boarding information are automatically retrieved and issued as passenger information announcements. Ads in Polish and English as standard, Additional languages are available

“Chopin Airport now has a state-of-the-art public address system. The fact that we were able to leverage the existing IP infrastructure significantly reduced the amount of time needed for installation work”, explains Józef Bycul, Project Manager at Bosch Building Technologies

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By • 7 Sea, 2024
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