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Port of Guaymas Mexico Avigilon

The Mexican port of Guaymas relies on comprehensive security in Avigilon network

The Administracion Portuaria Integral de Guaymas, one of the ports of loading of more activity in Mexico, you have selected systems Avigilon to strengthen your security and regulatory standards. Located in the Northwest of Mexico, el Puerto

Vivotek at Jang Su Jang restaurant

Vivotek technology helps to secure the Jang Su Jang Korean restaurant

Video surveillance infrastructure is integrated by 12 cameras and NVR ND8401. In the dining room has been chosen by the FD816BA-HT, mientras que en la zona de banquetes se ha instalado la FE9191 y en la cocina la FE8174V.

Bosch Security Suzhou Center

Security Advanced and unified to protect the complex avant-garde Suzhou Center in China

Above 3.200 Bosch HD cameras monitored every space of the Suzhou Center, covering the full range of operational security needs, from video capture to follow-up. The city of Suzhou, to the West of Shanghai, It is known as…