Eagle Eye Networks body camera

Based on cloud infrastructure Eagle Eye Networks, the company's new body camera features 4G capability and WiFi, two-way audio, geotagging and alarm functions.

Designed for the commercial market, security and service companies, among other environments Eagle Eye Networks, system vendor video surveillance in the cloud, has developed “the first cloud-direct 4G body camera of its kind”, as they point out from the company.

This body camera provides commercial customers with affordable access to professional quality services on this type of device, with many functions to improve staff safety and accountability, speed up response time and provide valuable evidence to any incident, at the same time that it, protect property.

Employees, from private security guards to shop staff, home delivery service providers and delivery drivers, Etc. “feel more secure and valued when they wear body cameras”, as they point out from Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye Networks body cameraThis is indicated by the World Research Organization Omdia, which has identified that commercial body cameras, in non-police applications, are a growing trend in 2021, whose potential market is much larger than that of law enforcement.

“The market for commercial body cameras is mature enough for the entry of new entrants- says Paul Bremner, omdia analyst-. Features such as cloud connectivity, 4G, live streaming, Gps, along with price, are important to retailers, breaking the old mold that they were only for law enforcement, with professional quality devices at a reasonable price that cover a need that the commercial market seeks”.

for Dean Drako, founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, “the demand for high-quality body cameras that connect to the cloud has grown for several years, and has accelerated further with the pandemic, social unrest and the change in the provision of more services at home and at a distance”.

The traditional body cameras of law enforcement - continues this manager- “use a very expensive subscription model, too high for commercial customers. Eagle Eye Networks will support the new body cameras with the same low subscription cost of the fixed ones, making the solution affordable for commercial customers”.

These body devices are initially available on the platform CameraManager from Eagle Eye Networks, with availability in the cloud video management system (Vms) of Eagle Eye in 2022.

A development welcomed by distributors, as he points out Jaime Abad Valdenebro, CEO of OmniCloud, that values the compatibility of commercial body cameras with the Eagle Eye CameraManager platform.

“Fixed IP cameras, integrated with body cameras with 4G technology, represent the extension of cloud video services in a real mobile environment, providing a new disruptive video surveillance solution”, says Valdenebro.

In addition, in a smart city app, “Eagle Eye's new cloud-direct 4G body cameras provide additional protection for security guards, adds- and ensure patrols are completed on time”.

The 4G technology that these devices incorporate “allows the user to live access the body camera video, which will make a high-performance cloud video surveillance system even more powerful”.

Possibilities of Eagle Eye body cameras

  • Use 4G or Wi-Fi for live streaming, remote real-time viewing and direct recording in the cloud.
  • Combine fixed cameras, mobile and body, thus facilitating the joint operation of the surveillance system.
  • Transmit to a surveillance or security operations center and use geotagging for immediate response and support.
  • Experience a larger area of vision with fisheye capabilities (Fisheye) in the Eagle Eye cloud management application.
  • Manage a large number of cloud cameras and monitor them from a control room.
  • Use two-way audio to communicate.
  • Protect employees at work and in the community.
  • Preparing investment for the future with reinforced cameras, with a durability and quality of ‘police level’ at an affordable price.
  • Flexibility for live streaming and video recovery during docking, with fast reloading.

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By • 25 Jun, 2021
• Section: Deep down, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Services, Video surveillance