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With this strategy you want to change the way companies manage security and business operations. Your VMS is an intelligent cloud video surveillance solution, created to help companies improve protection, operations and customer service.

Eagle Eye VMS

Eagle Eye Networks has accelerated its global expansion and investment in Artificial Intelligence (The) to reshape video surveillance and improve security, protection, operations and customer service.

Eagle Eye VMSTo achieve this goal he has raised 40 millions of dollars of E-Series funds from venture capital firms Accel (Facebook, Spotify, DocuSign).

Video surveillance systems have multiple security features, such as motion detection and standard analysis. However, these systems require monotonous monitoring or meticulous manual review after each triggered event to extract useful information. Similarly,, trading analytics is still in its in the beginning.

“There is a great opportunity to take advantage of AI and alter the very nature of video surveillance”, explains Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “We now have the means and technology to enable video surveillance in the cloud to transform the way companies manage security and business operations, just as self-driving and electric cars are transforming transport".

Intelligent cloud video surveillance with the right privacy and cybersecurity protections will make businesses and communities much more secure. They will be able to analyze customer service and their sales operations so they can provide a better experience and manufacturers will provide higher quality products, more securely and timely with AI video”, Says Drako.

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS

Eagle Eye's video management system (Vms) it's a smart cloud video surveillance solution, created to help companies improve security, protection, operations and customer service, while saving money.

Offers complete central management, reliability and redundancy of the cloud, cost savings and an open API video platform that provides a large number of third-party integrations. Eagle Eye Networks, together with your partner Brivo, provides an ideal solution for cloud video surveillance and on-premises access control.

Eagle Eye Local Display Station

Local Display Station

Moreover, Eagle Eye Networks has added to its Local Display Station catalog that decodes and plays up to 164 live camera sequences for on-site viewing. This solution is ideal for live videowall viewing, Monitors, and security screens.

It is available in two models, the DS100 that supports a single screen, and the DS200 that supports two. Both provide very low latency and crisp, clear video. The software provides high reliability and customizable designs that are controlled and managed from the cloud.

Eagle Eye Local Display Station delivers live video without the costs, complexity and maintenance of a workstation, so it is ideal for use in public areas or remote locations with fewer technical staff. Deliver live video on almost any monitor. In addition, is designed using components with integrated software technology that ensures reliability even during power outages.

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By • 17 Nov, 2020
• Section: Access control, Systems control, Video surveillance