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Eagle Eye Networks at Arena Solutions

In their offices, Arena Solutions has installed a security infrastructure based on the access control system of Brivo, integrated with the VMS of Eagle Eye Networks to update video surveillance.

The new security infrastructure of the Arena Solutions en Estados Unidos combina un sistema de gestión de vídeo en la nube (Vms) of Eagle Eye Networks, integrated with the access control of Brivo.

Arena Solutions, a company of PTC, offers software as a service (Saas) to help companies manage the product lifecycle, from design to manufacturing, through the supply chain.

When the Senior Director of IT Services, Rob O'Neal, joined came across a company that used many outdated systems, so it was proposed as an objective to modernize the technologies of Arena.

"The access control system only worked for Austin and Foster City., and he was nothing more than a server located in the Foster City office.", comments O'Neal. "The IT department was in charge of configuring access and managing the process., which was time-consuming. In addition, it was so old that there was no documentation to help figure out how to optimize it.".

O'Neal had experience with Brivo and wanted to expand the access control system to include video surveillance.. He soon discovered the relationship between Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks.. "I researched the cloud video management system (Vms) Eagle Eye and its integration with Brivo access control", explains O'Neal. "It fit our needs as it was cloud-based., it was easy to use and the price was adequate".

Navco was the company in charge of the implementation of the project. "I wanted a unique relationship with a domestic reseller., someone who could service all our facilities", explains O'Neal. "We've come up with a plan for all three U.S. offices and it's been virtually turnkey.. Navco very efficiently removed the old systems and installed the new ones, and we got going with zero disruptions to the business".

With Brivo Mobile Pass, Arena employees can use their phones to access the facility. However, can also use standard access control cards with a unique PIN.

In addition, the IT team can view live and recorded video of all inputs via Eagle Eye Cloud VMS.

Both the pandemic and ptC's acquisition have uncovered new and unforeseen advantages of the system.. Once the offices were closed, due to COVID restrictions, the system went from helping employees access buildings to ensuring that no one entered unsolicited..

"At the beginning, when we enter the blockade, I used access control and cameras to make sure employees didn't enter the office.", explains O'Neal. "I set up notifications through the VMS to let me know if someone was entering one of our three facilities.”.

When PTC acquired Arena, company officials requested system reports to determine pre-epidemic traffic and its difference from traffic during the pandemic, and once the office is reopened voluntarily.

With Brivo, reporting on access events, occupancy and traffic patterns are simple and intuitive. "The PTC facilities team was trying to determine the degree of occupancy of the offices", says O'Neal."« Data will weigh on future plans to consolidate offices once we return to a flexible schedule., which means employees must be in the office at least two days a week starting in January 2022″,

Until now, the system has provided everything O'Neal and his organization were looking for. "Brivo and Eagle Eye have eased the burden on the squad.. How they are cloud-based, we don't have to manage, maintain or continuously update systems".

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By • 21 Oct, 2021
• Section: Case studies, Access control, Systems control, Video surveillance