Axis en Basic-Fit

Thanks to smart cameras, sensors and remote control functions Axis, The system installed in more than a thousand fitness gyms not only improves safety measures but also sets up a better way to monitor daily activities.

Basic-Fit, The Fitness Chain Europe's largest, started five years ago to implement a Remote surveillance to improve safety and optimize efficiency in more than a thousand gyms.

Smart cameras have been implemented in each gym that are used for sensing functions and remote control mechanisms. The various products of Axis work in conjunction with a artificial intelligence, Specifically designed to detect and address problems in the installation, while allowing the 24 hours of the day.

In this way, Gym members can feel safe, even when no staff is around. In case of need or emergency, can be contacted from the Basic-Fit location with a specially designed remote control room.

Axis en Basic-Fit

The scale of implementation of the Remote Monitoring System (RS) Covers both new and existing clubs, with implementation plans in 200 To 250 New Clubs Annually. This wide deployment extends across the five countries where Basic-Fit operates, covering approximately one thousand establishments (of 1.400), ensuring a pervasive safety net for your partners.

Basis-Fit was founded and is widely represented in the Netherlands, but it can also be found in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain and Germany.

The implementation of the RS system was not without its challenges. Basic-Fit faced difficulties around privacy laws in different countries, requiring meticulous enforcement measures. In addition, Logistical and warehousing challenges arose due to the sheer scale of the implementation, while managing the entire system chain, From Design to Procurement, Installation and ongoing general management.

A clear example of the challenges they faced during implementation was reflected in the level of security, which led to a loss of income. Multiple people would access the gym with the same membership card or simply skip the turnstile altogether. This fraudulent behavior resulted in a customized solution for Basic-Fit using Axis cameras.

Axis en Basic-Fit

Strengthen security

Axis Communications significantly influenced the effectiveness of Basic-Fit's security infrastructure. Beyond Supplying Cameras and Security Devices, became a key contributor to the success of the RS project.

The solutions played a critical role in upgrading Basic-Fit's surveillance capabilities, offering not only high-quality cameras but also integrating cutting-edge AI-powered functionalities.

Axis worked closely with Basic-Fit and its partners to design and refine customized solutions, ensuring that cameras evolved into smart sensors capable of detecting trends and potential threats. This collaborative effort allowed Basic-Fit to analyze and improve the business efficiency of each gym individually.

Axis en Basic-Fit

Axis' commitment to innovation and reliability ensured a robust system, which increased the impact of the SR project and allowed Basic-Fit to maintain a leading position in safety in gyms.

As an integral part of the SR project, the integrator DIT (Beveiligen) played a crucial role in creating the core infrastructure that underpins Basic-Fit's security configuration.

At the center of every newly built gym is DIT's thoughtfully designed closet: An advanced enclosure that houses the seamless integration of software and hardware components.

This centralized system, that has evolved from its initial version to its current state, owes its capacity to the incorporation of video, Audio, Access Control & Switches axis.

DIT's commitment from the beginning of the project allowed them to collaborate with the manufacturer, optimizing features to meet the changing needs of Basic-Fit. Its partnership with Axis facilitated the development of a systematic approach that emphasizes not only innovation but also persistent standards of quality and adaptability.

Over the past five years, DIT, together with Axis, has driven the creation of five custom solutions precisely designed to meet Basic-Fit's nuanced safety requirements, ensuring an agile and personalized approach to protect the gym chain.

To complete the team of essential partners, B-Securité serves as a central control room that monitors safety triggers within Basic-Fit gyms.

Your real-time monitoring and response capabilities, along with the management of security protocols, ensure the perfect functioning of the RS system.

B-Securité played a critical role in maintaining a safe environment, aligning with the contributions of Axis Communications and DIT is Beveiligen.

Remote Surveillance

Basic-Fit has upgraded its safety system with the help of advanced Axis technologies.

This new configuration brings several advantages. Acts as a strong protection, ensuring that both club members and staff are safe.

Thanks to smart cameras, Axis sensors and remote control functions, The system not only improves safety measures but also sets up a better way to monitor daily activities.

This approach changes the way the club is monitored and controlled, ensuring it's a safer place. In addition, Axis High-Tech Cameras Help Basic-Fit Manage Remote Operations, making processes smoother and security responses faster. This update isn't just about technology; showcases Basic-Fit's commitment to its core values and its goal of creating a safe and welcoming fitness environment. It marks a positive change in the overall experience for both staff and partners.

The successful implementation of the remote monitoring system at Basic-Fit is a testament to collaborative innovation and dedication. It has made a remarkable transformation in safety measures in gyms and, at the same time, Recovered valuable data to improve operational efficiency.

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