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Eagle Eye Networks And Ajar Technology have collaborated with a primary school in London to launch a CCTV solution in the cloud, integrated by digital cameras of video surveillance IP of 4 Mp.

A primary school in London reviewed its solution of Analog CCTV with an eye toward migrating to a cloud-based solution. The installation consisted of cameras of different ages and models, and how it works, from servers with different capabilities, required more and more service support, increasing overall maintenance costs.

As the location of the school changed over the past decade, some camera locations were no longer needed and new ones were installed as of the moment, rather than as part of the renovation of the entire CCTV system, due to budgetary constraints.

The school wanted primary users to have more secure remote access to cameras and recordings through a cloud-based solution. They sought to improve protection processes by managing access rights through the platform, instead of users accessing the recordings manually in the communications room.

Eagle Eye education

IP video surveillance 4 Mp

Ajar Technology And Eagle Eye Networks collaborated with the school's management team and center staff to design, implement and implement a cloud CCTV solution that would allow local and centralized supervision of all school buildings.

Digital cameras were installed IP video surveillance of 4 Megapixel, with day/night functionality and integrated IR lighting, at internal and external strategic locations throughout the enclosure to provide crisp monitoring of key areas at full resolution, The 24 hours of the day and the 365 days of the year.

Each camera of the CCTV system accesses the platform Vms through a software license key that renews annually, while images are stored during 30 cloud days.

Key school staff can access live and live recordings via a secure web browser and/or mobile app using two-factor authentication without installing any additional software on their client machines or mobile devices.

Security and reliability

The adoption of the new CCTV solution has provided the school with a true cloud experience, enabling reliable and secure monitoring of your facilities with access to live and recorded images from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Deploying the cloud solution has mitigated the cost and complexity of acquiring and maintaining a traditional on-premises server-based solution, while providing them with the flexibility and scalability inherent in a cloud platform for additional applications across sites and departments.

The school has experienced cost savings of 35% annual compared to your previous analog CCTV solution on-site, and has benefited from eagle eye networks' 'Drako School Grant', which has meant greater savings.

In addition, the cloud software licensing model, simple and flexible, both for the connections of the CCTV cameras and for the storage of the same, provides the school with a defined process, fast and clear to extend your solution if necessary. This allows you to add CCTV cameras and extend ad hoc the conservation of recordings without the need to acquire additional storage hardware.

Ajar Technology has provided the customer with a robust support and maintenance package, with service level agreements defined. Remote access to the cloud platform eliminates the need to go to the premises and system failures are identified and rectified by the software platform to quickly restore the operational capacity of the system.

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By • 29 Jul, 2021
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