Optimus Torres Colón

Integrated with the security system of these Madrid skyscrapers, The Spanish manufacturer Optimus has installed Compact public address and SIP EP-44SIPH intercom equipment, via HTTP/JSON.

Located in Madrid's Plaza de Colón, in the centre of Spain's capital, The Columbus Towers, Designed by the architect Antonio Lamela, They have been a benchmark of the city since their construction in 1970, with glass facades and clean lines.

Each tower has a height of about 117 meters and consists of 27 floors on which offices and commercial spaces are located. As an owner company since the year 2019, Mutua Madrileña has refurbished these buildings, eliminating the basement plants and the plug-shaped finish, which now occupy two new four-storey structures, Designed by the architect Luis Vidal.

The public address system for the warnings of both towers has been entrusted to the Spanish company's Compact voice alarm system Optimus, which has a microphone control unit DC-700ETH/T, of 4.000 W RMS Power, to feed and control some Six Hundred Ceiling Speakers and other exponentials.

Optimus Torres ColónAs part of this project, have also been set up Three intercom and signalling systems to ensure safety and accessibility in buildings. Specifically,, have been installed more than 140 audio intercoms EP-44SIPH by Optimus, Resistant to vandalism and harsh weather conditions, as well as the KB-10F kits from this manufacturer for accessible toilets, Added to this is access control with the manufacturer's i62 audio and video intercoms Fanvil.

Among other features, Optimus EP-44SIPH audio intercoms feature an induction loop, Big SOS letters in red, A pre-recorded message of a call in progress, An accessibility pictogram and the word Call in Braille, Particularly suitable for refuge areas, according to Annex A of the Technical Building Code CTE DB SI.

The Optimus EP-44 Series, along with the full industrial range of j&R Technology, with VoIP via SIP protocol, Offers advanced integration with Scada systems and the like by HTTP/JSON, common in security installations, Alarms & CCTV.

This integration allows the Automatic notification of status changes on devices, How to Identify Who Makes and Receives a Call, Whether the device is asleep or connected, or the time of the event.

It also offers the possibility of Send Remote Instructions easily through any browser to perform actions such as calling an intercom, hang, End the call and turn relays on or off, among other functions. This benefit is specified, For example, in the integration with the Platform Desico or on the platform Ebi (Enterprise Buildings Integrator) of Honeywell.

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By • 18 Sea, 2024
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