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STC Training Club Eye Eagle NetworksThe cloud video management system Eagle Eye Networks has been chosen to maintain the safety of the training centers of STC Training Club, users and employees.

STC Training Club is a benchmark in Sweden in health, welfare and sport, with more than 165 training centers and 1.500 Employees. All its facilities have been designed to be also meeting places where partners can interact naturally between generations.

With this philosophy, the company offers a complete and affordable offer for people of all ages to have the opportunity to lead a healthier life. A large infrastructure with multiple distribution centers and many employees brings challenges in terms of facility safety and worker management.

For these specific tasks, STC considered that Eagle Eye Networks was the ideal solution provider, with your cloud video management system (Vms), which has advanced scannings that help keep companies and employees safe.

“In the past, it was very difficult for us to find a system that would suit our business and be easy to work with.. Our colleagues at Intra recommended Eagle Eye Networks and quickly convinced us. It helped us do two important things.: ensure the safety of our customers and co-workers, and also count visits to our gyms. This feature is especially necessary now, in times when everything is more strictly regulated due to the pandemic”, Explains Andreas Claesson Nilsson, regional director of STC Training Club in the South and North zones.

One of the attractions of eagle eye networks solution has been, as highlighted by Claesson Nilsson, “its ease of use and accessibility from mobile devices. It is web-based and has very easy support and great functionality. The simple administration and the value for money were other points that quickly convinced us”.

After deployment, this person in charge emphasizes that “we are especially pleased with the extremely positive reaction of our co-workers, which brings us to an active system, and that was the goal from the beginning”.

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By • 23 Aug, 2021
• Section: Case studies, Detection, Services