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Cloud video surveillance manufacturer has completed ambitious large-scale project in Mexican capital, which has lasted four months during the COVID-19 pandemic, using 4G connection.

Eagle Eye Networks announced the completion of the large-scale video surveillance project in Mexico City, done with your partner Omnicloud.mx, with the installation of 13.550 cloud cameras in four months.

To the success of this project, coordinated with the C5, emergency care services of the Government Office of Mexico City District, has contributed significantly to the mobile app Citizen safety, that facilitates the exchange of content for more effective surveillance in the city and for its citizens, which also has an SOS help button.

blank"Having effective surveillance in a city is much more than installing cameras in key locations- says Jaime Abad Valdenebro, CEO of Omnicloud in Mexico-. It is about creating a platform that meets the unique needs of each municipality".

In partnership with Eagle Eye Networks, explains this manager, "We leveraged the Eagle Eye Video API and SDK to customize a unique web app, designed to integrate fixed cameras, mobile and in vehicles in a single interface, providing an unprecedented level of information and knowledge about our operations in the city".

4G connectivity with Eagle Eye Networks bandwidth optimization was used to facilitate this rapid deployment, installing approximately 250 cameras a day, until you achieve 13.550 that make up the project, all of them operational, remotely connected and monitored to provide security for citizens.

This facility was carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting in many cases the global supply network, "however, thanks to the collaboration of Eagle Eye Networks and Omnicloud.mx alternatives and solutions were provided to keep the project on schedule".

One of the priority aspects for choosing eagle Eye Networks' solution is that Eagle Eye Cloud Video's API platform provides an open solution that enables the integration of new technologies (The, advanced analytics, Search, license plate recognition), as well as new suppliers and cameras at any time.

blank"When developing a city-wide surveillance project, we need to consider scalability, retention and telephone transmission. Eagle Eye Cloud Video video retention and massive on-demand scalability make it ideal for large-scale installations. Managing your own private data center to host video recording is expensive and challenging", dean Drako points out, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

With Eagle Eye's subscription service, "we offer a robust, lower-cost solution for large-scale installations," says this manager.. In addition, our open platform provides a future-focused solution, AI integration, video analytics and advanced search just a click".

Jeff Kessler, CEO of Imperial Capital and editor of the Annual Security Industry Report, states that "more than half of the world's population resides in cities, which creates a greater demand for smart and accurate ideas that help streamline day-to-day operations, including public safety, traffic flow management, Transport, Etc. Huge amounts of collection are needed, grouping and storing data to drive the in-depth analysis required to produce these smart ideas. The only way to efficiently manage this data is to accumulate and analyze it in the cloud".

In this sense, Eagle Eye Cloud has been profiled as "a robust solution, scalable and cost-effective, built to support the data storage and analytics demands required by city-wide facilities".

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By • 5 Jun, 2020
• Section: Case studies, Systems control, HIGHLIGHTED CASE STUDY, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Urban security, Services, Video surveillance