Estepona Bosch City Council and Juma SecurityTech

The consistory of this town of Malaga has deployed an artificial vision system of Bosch in order to strengthen the security of their public parks, preserving the privacy of users.

The machine vision system of Bosch Aid to Fuengirola City Council Not only to offer more security in their public parks, but to analyze the use made by citizens of these facilities and transfer this information to the Local Police in real time.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence Technology, These devices allow to preserve the privacy of users by applying a Privacy mask that pixelates people, while analyzing the use given to the facilities (Most frequented schedules, Most used equipment, Occupancy levels…), including the Early detection of possible crimes or infractions (Presence of people during closing hours, Concentrations, Vehicle break-in in pedestrian areas, Object abandonment, and so on).

Estepona Bosch City Council and Juma SecurityTech

The use of VsaaS cloud platform (Video Security as a Service) has facilitated deployment, as all devices are securely managed in the Bosch cloud via mobile connections.

Usage statistics and alarms for detection of unusual movements are sent directly to the room of the Local Police of Fuengirola and to the mobiles of the agents, Improving response times, and therefore the service provided to citizens. The purpose of this measure is to preserve the integrity of users and neighbors, as well as deterring possible acts of vandalism.

The implementation has been carried out by the local company Juma SecurityTech & Smartcities, that you have chosen the technology of Bosch Security and Safety Systems to develop this and other projects in the field of smart cities or smart cities.

As you point out Carlos Moreno, CEO of Juma, "We have been collaborating for several years in the engineering design and implementation of Bosch intelligent security products and solutions due to their reliability and the trust generated in the development of this type of project., highlighting the high quality of its products, as well as its close and professional network of business development and technical support".

Today, Juma is involved in the implementation of intelligent video systems in several municipalities of the Andalusian autonomous community, as well as in essential infrastructures such as the Port of Fuengirola, the Malaga AVE station and others in the award phase.

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By • 14 Sea, 2023
• Section: Access control, Detection, Urban security, Services