Bosch Aviotec 8000i IR

The new Aviotec 8000i IR network surveillance device from Bosch Security Systems Incorporates artificial intelligence for fire detection, thanks to an algorithm trained to locate flames and smoke directly at the source much faster.

Video-based fire detection relies on the capability of various analysis techniques that examine live footage for flames and smoke. Compared to other infrared and thermal cameras, Bosch Aviotec 8000i IR Uses optical analysis to detect it.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, this IP camera is an effective Fire & Smoke Detection Solution, based on an algorithm developed to locate flames and smoke directly at the source, for a wide range of applications.

Bosch Aviotec 8000i IR

In case of flames and smoke, The Built-in intelligent algorithm In this camera, analyze the scene in real time, Concatenating and transforming input data. Deep learning AI directly analyzes data and, If a fire is confirmed, Triggers an alarm and sends a signal to the fire control panel or video management system.

Local image processing based on a conventional camera analyzes video footage for fires, without providing data outside of your application/network. Aviotec 8000i IR offers the possibility of a Redundant Alarm Transmission. In addition, during a network shutdown, Device relay transmits fire alarms.

Aviotec 8000i IR features a sensor 4 Megapixel for better image quality and provides fire detection 24/7. The device's built-in IR illuminator turns on if the light intensity in your app is too low.

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By • 20 Oct, 2023
• Section: Urban security, Video surveillance