Bosch Dinion 5100i IR

The new range of Dinion 5100i IR cameras from Bosch Security Systems integrates IVA Pro Buildings video analytics as standard to accurately detect people, as well as classify vehicles.

The Range of Cameras bullet Dinion 5100i IR of Bosch Security Provides Outdoor detection and deterrence with source-based artificial intelligence and high image quality, even in low-light conditions.

To do this, These devices are fitted as standard Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (Pro VAT) Buildings, that allows you to detect people accurately, vehicles and classify the latter. This video analytics, based on deep learning (deep learning), Guarantees a High resistance to false activations, like headlights or car shadows, rain, the wind or moving foliage and the reflections of the sun.

As an option, primarily when the camera is used for traffic control or long-range intrusion detection along the perimeter of a facility, You can add a license for VAT Pro Perimeter or VAT Pro Traffic.

Equipped with a durable aluminum housing for use in building exteriors, Dinion 5100i IR cameras are designed to Keeping sensitive video data safe, especially if it is a question of protecting properties of the Administration, for which they comply with NDAA Regulations And they're certified for global cybersecurity IEC and UL.

Bosch Dinion 5100i IR captures details even in difficult lighting conditions for improved situational awareness. The Starlight technology Increases sensitivity to improve colors in low-light conditions.

In addition, The High Dynamic Range Technology (Hdr) Ensures perfect exposure, even in scenes with bright and dark areas. The Smart IR of these chambers, with a range of Until 60 meters away, Facilitates optimal display on objects of interest.

One Electronic Image Stabilization System (Eis), based on gyroscopic sensors, Effectively reduces movement caused by wind or vibration, allowing cameras to capture better images.

An aisle mode optimizes the Vertical Scene Monitoring and increases the visibility of the camera screen, To capture and monitor narrow areas, Like sidewalks, Pedestrian walkways and exterior walkways of buildings and warehouses.

Dinion 5100i IR is weatherproof, With IP66/67 rated to ensure durability and reliability in harsh environments, with a mechanical design, including front window, IK10 for outdoor use.

Thanks to the simple concept of Three-step installation, The camera is up and running in a matter of minutes, saving time and money. Installers can wirelessly connect to the device with the Bosch WiFi backpack and using your Project Assistant app for on-site commissioning, Change settings and check the field of view.

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By • 9 Nov, 2023
• Section: Deep down, Urban security, Video surveillance