Bosch & EET

The Wholesaler's Agreement Tse With Bosch Security Systems seeks to transform the user audio experience in commercial and retail environments with reliable and secure audio solutions.

The European Distributor Tse has incorporated into its proposal the audio solutions of Bosch Security Systems to offer the Commercial & Retail Sector new ways to connect with your consumers using ambient music to enhance their experience and for safety messaging.

"Audio systems help create pleasant and safe environments in stores, bars or supermarkets and actively contribute to prolonging the time the customer stays in the establishment, Improving your shopping experience And, therefore, encouraging sales".

Bosch Security Systems has public address solutions, with sControl Systems, Voice & Speaker Evacuation Specially designed for the needs of retail and retail, that can be configured to Broadcast different audio programs depending on the area, opening hours and the target audience that is in the establishment at any given time, as well as intelligible messages if an incident occurs.

The strategic collaboration with Bosch allows EET to expand its product portfolio and offer its customers access to the latest commercial audio and security technologies from this manufacturer in selected markets.

Public address solutions from Bosch Security Systems, of easy installation and configuration, They range from systems for commercial environments to more specific messaging and evacuation applications, with high-quality, reliable sound.

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By • 21 Feb, 2024
• Section: Evacuation, Business, Services