Bosch St Louis Community College

The university has standardized the system with Bosch, video management software Milestone XProtect and the Genea.

Milestone XProtect 2023 R3The St. Louis Community College (STLCC) has trained more than 1,3 millions of students since 1962. It encompasses four campuses and two educational centers, and is strategically located in the region. With a mission to provide a safe environment for the university community that fosters student success and achievement, decided to update his video surveillance system powered by Bosch.

Starting from a combination of cameras from different manufacturers, the university opted to standardize the system with Bosch cameras and implement the video management software Milestone XProtect, given its ability to integrate with cameras, as well as with a Genea access control.

Now, There's 475 Bosch cameras installed on campuses and schools to improve the safety and security of locations.

Bosch Flexidome multi 7000iThe use of cameras Flexidome multi 7000i has helped the center improve coverage and reduce licensing costs. These devices have four image sensors each and are installed in the outer corners of buildings and at the intersections of interior corridors. They provide coverage on both sides of buildings and in each hallway with a single camera and one license per camera.

In addition, the cameras Flexidome Panoramic 5100i provide coverage of 180 Or 360 degrees in certain areas.

Bosch Flexidome 5100iThe center also uses fixed dome cameras Flexidome IP 8000i with remote commissioning capability. Allow IT to place them remotely, to move them, tilt them, rotate and enlarge them to the desired field of view before locking the camera in place. All this without the need for staff to climb a ladder to access the cameras, Improving Efficiency.

MIC IP Starlight 7100i Mobile Cameras with White Light Illuminators Provide Enhanced Security in Restricted Locations, as loading docks. Intelligent Video Analytics Built-in cameras alerts police if a person or vehicle enters the restricted area outside of normal hours.

simultaneously, Video analytics triggers the camera's white light illuminator to turn on and record video. It also activates the camera's tracking features. The white-lit camera follows the person or vehicle as it moves through the area to prevent theft or damage.

Bosch St Louis Community College

Increased efficiency

Using Bosch Remote Portal, providing cloud-based connectivity to Bosch video security devices for remote management and maintenance, The center can update the firmware of multiple cameras installed throughout the site from a single location.

With the portal, the IT staff of the St. Louis Community College can upgrade multiple cameras with a few clicks of the mouse, instead of having to do it with each team separately. They also offer greater clarity than previously installed. Campus security staff can see the people on campus in high-quality detail. However, for IT, the biggest advantage is the standardization in a single solution that integrates the cameras with Milestone XProtect and the center's access control system.

Integrated system helps increase efficiency for users. For example, with the cameras pointed at certain doors, Campus security staff can see the person requesting access to a location from the security center. They only have to press a button to allow access, whereas before they had to travel to the place to open the door when access was requested.

Updated security system assists campus security staff by providing better coverage of venues, optimizing response times and helping students by creating a safer environment on campus.

Bosch St Louis Community College

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By • 8 Jan, 2024
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