Genetec Security Center 5.12

The Canadian Company Genetec Perform the simulation of a control room in Sicur 2024 to highlight the integration between your Security Center solution and Bosch on video, Security, Access & Protection.

Genetec will go to the Sicur International Security Exhibition 2024, that will take place in the 27 from February to 1 at Ifema Madrid to showcase its latest innovations in security technology.

It will be present at the Bosch Security and Safety Systems (10E15), One of the company's strategic partners, where you will install a simulation of a complete security control room.

This live demo will highlight the integration between Genetec Security Center and Bosch technologies in video, Security, Access & Protection, allowing operators to work within a control room to efficiently manage all security solutions.

Genetec Security Center 5-11

The goal is to show how this Genetec platform centralizes and unifies the management of all independent physical security systems and improves the capabilities of operators in research, Intelligence & Maintenance.

During the event, In addition, you will be able to see how the Genetec Security Center platform integrates with the solutions Forensic Search Plug in and Perimeter Security RSA by Bosch.

Bosch cameras with built-in video analytics add metadata to video streams. Combined with RSA Perimeter Security, They enable the display of objects on a map for improved situational awareness and automatic tracking of objects of interest across multiple cameras. This gives security personnel more time to respond.

Genetec Security Center 5-11

Combined with the Forensic Search add-on, Operators can retrieve video data from hours of recording using metrics such as color, Object Classification, speed, Etc., Substantially improving efficiency in searching for the right evidence after an incident.

In addition, you will be able to see how Security Center manages the Access Control & Alarms from the fire panels or the evacuation public address system, Delivering a complete experience for security environments.

Apart from the technical demonstrations, The stand will have a social space for networking, where visitors will be able to interact with representatives from Genetec and Bosch to learn more and discover how these solutions can be tailored to their specific safety needs.

"In Sicur 2024, Visitors will be able to see first-hand how our unified solutions improve the safety and efficiency of operations in a wide variety of environments.", Says Rafael Martin Enriquez, Sales Director Southern Europe at Genetec.

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By • 12 Feb, 2024
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