Bosch BVMS 12 Forensic Search

The latest version of the BVMS modular video management system from Bosch Security Find and track objects with the new Forensic multi-camera feature, that searches for metadata generated by multiple cameras, which reduces time.

Compatible with a wide range of domains and security applications, The Version 12.1 Modular Video Management System BVMS of Bosch Security Add value across all touchpoints, DFrom video surveillance to access control and intrusion detection.

Bosch BVMS 12 Forensic SearchEspecially suitable for your Use in Government Buildings and Financial Institutions, BVMS 12.1 Present all relevant information at the right time, through an intuitive interface, To find and track objects with the new multi-camera feature Forensic Search.

This Bosch software looks for metadata generated simultaneously by multiple cameras, which considerably reduces the time and effort for security professionals.

Advantages of Forensic Search

  • Explore playback recordings during investigations with ease: This new feature allows you to see any movement in a selected area or find events in the recorded video data, such as objects entering or leaving an area, that travel a route, prowling around an area, Etc. This is done using the available VAT metadata, so you don't need to manually play back the recordings. Operators can change search rules even after an event has occurred.
  • Quick search across multiple cameras: It is now possible to perform an exact search across multiple cameras more quickly by setting up a single task and applying it to all open cameras in playback mode. This method simplifies the setup process and allows you to get results quickly.
  • Camera-specific search criteria: this feature increases surveillance capabilities with Bosch's ruler engine, Easily defining device-specific search criteria, even in complex scenarios. Each camera can be configured individually, But the search process can only run once, for an advanced search.
  • Search Global Task for Single or More Cameras
  • Easy camera management: with a single click, Each device can be held in a specific temporary position or adjusted using intuitive controls.

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By • 26 Jan, 2024
• Section: Systems control, Video surveillance