The integrator Elefondati He has collaborated with Bosch to design a video surveillance solution, that combines 19 cameras with video analytics and integrates into the intrusion security system and existing video management software of Arteco.

Bosch in KerakollVideo surveillance solutions from Bosch Security have responded to the challenges posed by the Kerakoll Group for your facility, where a perimeter solution was needed that would integrate with the existing infrastructure.

This is a multinational company in the construction sector that offers an integrated range of products and services to build better places to live. He was born in 1968, in the heart of the Sassuolo Pottery District (Italy), and started producing adhesives for ceramic tiles. Today, The Kerakoll Group is divided into three business units focused on colocation needs, Construction & Design.

Kerakoll contacted system integrator Elefondati because they needed to improve the level of security at their headquarters. They wanted to install a Perimeter Video Surveillance System to interact with anti-intrusion measures and quickly alert security personnel.

Elefondati collaborated with Bosch to conduct a survey of the site, Design a solution and bring it all together. The solution combines 19 cameras with video analytics and integrates into the intrusion security system and video management existing from Arteco.

Bosch in KerakollThis security infrastructure is made up of the Bosch Flexidome 5100i and the teams IR Dinion 5100i with AI.

Flexidome 5100i fixed cameras improve building safety and operational efficiency with the Intelligent Video Analytics (Vat) Pro Buildings. For its part, Dinion 5100i family of infrared bullet cameras delivers reliable outdoor detection and deterrence with edge-based AI, High image quality, even in low light and a durable aluminum housing.

The solution ensures complete coverage of the entire perimeter by linking video analytics rules to various types of behavior. In addition, Provides flexible site management based on activity time slots and control of vehicles in transit.

Bosch in KerakollIntelligent Video Analytics Enables Early and Reliable Detection in Challenging Lighting and Environmental Conditions, even in extreme weather conditions. By removing false triggers, Video analytics allows security operators to focus on important alarms.

This solution enables long-distance intrusion detection in extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for edge applications.

For Kerakoll, The solution proposed and implemented was the answer to their needs: The reliability of the video analysis and the integration of the technologies made it possible to meet the initial needs, that had not been satisfied by previously installed systems. After a few months of operation and testing, is rolling out the solution to the rest of your facility.

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By • 12 Sea, 2024
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