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Renfe Cercanias IA

The RS3 project of Renfe contemplates the replacement of more than 5.000 analog security cameras by IP equipment. They will also be installed 500 servers and 500 cybersecurity probes.

Renfe has launched a program to digitize the security systems of 483 stations of Commuter to collect, anonymously and automatedly process thousands of data, and integrate them into a single dashboard. This is done through the system Cctv of each station. The goal is to improve security and customer experience, always from the fulfillment of the data protection regulations.

The project 'Renfe Smart Security Station' (RS3), which has a budget of 31,7 million euros and which has been financed with funds from the European Union, started at the end of last year and is scheduled to culminate in 2024.

During this time more than 5.000 analog security cameras by IP cameras, that will allow the sharing of the information collected through the CCTV system in an integrated video analytics system.

Renfe capacity nearby stations

The RS3 project provides for the installation of 500 state-of-the-art servers and operating system renewal, installations and digital elements of cercanías stations.

It also provides for the installation of approximately 500 cybersecurity probes for monitoring, control and analysis of the same. The ultimate goal is to increase levels of digital security and cybersecurity.

The new system will allow the company's security to make better decisions, thanks to the integrated dashboard with real-time data.

Thanks to this intelligent security system you will be able to know what is happening in renfe Cercanías stations in real time. They can also be detected, in an automated way, safety-related incidents such as falling people and objects onto the tracks, Fire, vandalism or fraud in accessing services.

The RS3 system collects images of the stations that are integrated into a video analytics system, where they are processed and analyzed with artificial intelligence algorithms. Subsequently, the treated images are deleted from the system in milliseconds.

To implement these solutions Renfe has hired companies of analytics and image intelligence technologies, among which is Imotion Analytics, one of the start-ups accelerated with the innovation program TrenLab company.

Renfe Cercanias IA

CCTV and video analytics

In total, this project contemplates the installation of 6.451 devices for the commissioning of a CCTV closed circuit and an intelligent video analytics solution. These devices shall be accompanied by access control systems, electrical control equipment or communication elements for the connection of the different IP equipment, among other facilities.

During 2021 the planning and execution of installations in a total of 21 stations in the core of Cercanías de Madrid; 22 stations in Rodalies Barcelona; 7 stations in the core of Cercanías de Bilbao; 7 stations in the heart of Valencia and 4 stations in Seville.

For this year it is expected that this improvement will be implemented in 33 stations of the core of Cercanías de Madrid; 43 of Rodalíes Barcelona; 15 of the nucleus of Cercanías de Bilbao and 6 RAM (metric width); 14 of the nucleus of San Sebastián; 10 of the Cercanías in Asturias and 9 RAM; 12 Santander RAM stations; 17 of the nucleus of Valencia; 9 of Seville; 11 of Malaga; 8 of Murcia/Alicante and 7 Cadiz stations

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By • 14 Sea, 2022
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