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With this functionality it is possible to perform statistics and display them on occupied, as well as to verify the count and area information, with real time video. Results can be downloaded into an Excel document or text file, via FTP, and sent by e-mail in a programmed way.

Samsung SNV-6013

Vandalproof minidome SNV-6013, with a smaller diameter to the 113 mm and a height of 64 mm, offers Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and, Thanks to the functionality of people counting that has just added Samsung Techwing, the owners of shops and commercial premises can improve the management and performance of their establishments.

This IP Mini dome vandalproof, specially designed for commercial environments, It reinforces their potential for use with an application built into the camera via a simple and intuitive configuration WiseNet III Open Platform chipset.

Samsung SNV-6013 conteoThis functionality can be configured so that it shows the count of people-related statistics, in graphics, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. You can also find the statistics of these data with respect to one day, week or month. Also, It allows you to show statistics on occupation zones as well as verify the count and area information with video in real time.

All the results of the recount can be downloaded via FTP text file or an Excel document, and sent by email when you want to either program it so that you receive an hour each day or week.

Samsung SNV-6013 conteoThe SNV-6013 dome is also a good choice for installers and users who want to install a discreet camera with this functionality in office, health centers, Hotels and transports, and in tight spaces like elevators, hallways and stairs.

One of the strong points of this camera is its Wide Dynamic Range, yield over 120 dB, It allows to monitor different areas with complex lighting conditions, as the settlement entrance doors, where there may be an external natural light very intense.

The SNV-6013 model, that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, It is weather-resistant and vandal-resistant rated IK10 (IP66). Also, It includes digital image stabilization that compensates for the effects of the possible movement of equipment.

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By • 17 Feb, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, Detection, CCTV