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The Your Homes Newcastle area of this English town has lowered the crime rate by more than 65 rental buildings with Dallmeier video technology.

YHN Dallmeier Openview Security

Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), in this English town of the same name, is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO), responsible for managing 26.700 social housing and more than 400 Housing, in addition to providing quality services, focused on housing assistance and management.

As part of one of the largest security projects carried out in recent years, YHN commissioned the integrator Openview Security Solutions providing an integrated solution for most public housing stock in the city of Newcastle.

The project covers a total of 65 Buildings, with more than 4.700 residential units, equipped with intercom systems with fire detection and intrusion, access control, alarm management, CAT6 cabling and a complete renovation of the associated video surveillance system.

YHN Dallmeier Openview Security

In the latter respect, Dallmeier UK has obtained the award for the modernization of the video surveillance system in this residential city, with camera technology, recording and managing video from this manufacturer, with the aim of reducing the crime rate and providing more security to tenants.

At the same time, thanks to the consolidation and centralization of Dallmeier's security video systems, the costs and management complexity they had before have been significantly reduced.

Steven Studley, technical expert for YHN, that's what it points out: "for many years, this company has used a mix of different autonomous CCTV systems within the many properties it managed. The systems were not well maintained; started to fail and were not able to provide adequate image quality. Being autonomous systems, monitored on site by a security concierge/vigilante 24/7, with high costs and complexity".

Dallmeier-DF5400HD-DN-IRA few years ago, Dallmeier was commissioned by Ove Arup to develop a feasibility study of this area and how safety systems could be upgraded to provide a more efficient solution, centrally managed at YHN's headquarters, in South Gosforth.

Following YHN's award to this manufacturer, the solution deployed consists of more than seven hundred network cameras, box-type, dome and PTZ, with HD resolution. Dallmeier's two-channel blade system is used for recording.

"During the first conversations with the customer, we realized that the recording solution had to be extremely resilient and reliable, and we're introducing a recording blade system," said Jason Piggott, sales director of Dallmeier UK-, we normally use for our casino customers, that require a very high degree of reliability, and it was unusual to use it for this project".

Dallmeier's managers explained the advantages of this recording blade solution, that responded to YHN's goal, centrally managed, "in addition to building trust in the functionality of the system, especially for landlords, who had the feeling of losing the personal on-site support provided by the janitor", Piggott continues.

blankDallmeier's SeMSy video management system has been fully integrated into the customer management system, which has thirteen operating stations and tracking monitors. This high-performance solution offers features such as live image viewing, search options within recorded images and control of high-speed PTZ dome cameras, with easy storage of relevant sequences.

Dallmeier SeMSy is a fully scalable solution for integrating additional components. "We are having conversations with different stakeholders in other locations within the city of Newcastle to see where we can expand the system", adds Steven Studley.

Due to the complexity of the project, an important criterion for Openview was simple management, so the whole system was delivered preconfigured by Dallmeier to offer a real plug installation & Play. In addition, security personnel received training after the system was launched, which began four years ago and was completed in 2017; period in which sites and new devices and software versions have been added.

"So far, the reaction has been extremely positive. The quality of the images goes far beyond what the police had received from us in the past and has given him tools to investigate crimes and criminally prosecute them, regaining confidence in the system," says Steven Studley. With the ability to identify people in the images and take action given the case, we have been able to improve the lives of our tenants".

Project details:

  • 65 residential buildings.
  • 4.700 Housing.
  • Centralized command and control location, with several jobs.
  • More than 700 IP CCTV cameras and recording channels.
  • More than 170 doors with access control.
  • More than 4.700 flat monitors with multiple applications, including full-screen viewing of visitors.
  • More than 4.700 fire detectors for the protection of homes and technical rooms
  • more 4.700 intrusion detection points.
  • More than 1.000 building management alarm points.
  • More than 500 public intercom points in elevators and public areas.
  • More than 100 intercom systems for communication with visitors.

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