Axis M3905-R

During your participation, Axis has demonstrated its latest integrated security solutions that protect passengers, personnel, Rolling stock and infrastructure; and has taken the opportunity to unveil two dome cameras specially designed for surveillance on board.

As a representative of the security sector, in the World Public Transport Fair of the UITP which has been held from the 5 To 7 June in Barcelona, Axis Communications, along with Observit, cloud video surveillance service, E Imotion, The Video Analytics Specialist, have shown the latest developments in the environment of security applied to transport.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the use of public transport in Spain increased by almost 29%, reaching a record number of up to 4.369,2 Million. However, Complaints and claims are still the subject of complaints and claims in large cities, the main reason being the lack of security. To address these issues and improve service, More and more integrated security solutions are being implemented.

Axis M3905-R

Over the past few years, Transport providers have incorporated different measures aimed at ensuring the protection of passengers, the facilities and the vehicle itself; But with the rise of digitalization, the sector faces new challenges such as cyberattacks on computer programs that handle traffic., and safety devices implemented in public transport.

To cope with this, Work is underway on increasingly reliable solutions, optimal and that adapt to any situation or light conditions.

A clear example of the advantage of its implementation has been the reduction of fraud in public transport in Spain in recent years. This is due to the creation of security systems with increasingly optimal intelligent analytical capabilities., providing authorities and service providers with valuable business intelligence that can be used to improve services.

Axis M3905-R

This has been one of the key topics at the UITP World Public Transport Fair, A global event dedicated to sustainable mobility that brings together all types of transport, Authorities and operators in the field.

"Thanks to the devices that our experts have worked on improving and optimizing, We have made transport one of our key segments worldwide. In Spain, For example, More 2.000 EMT vehicles have Axis on-board video surveillance. This allows them to monitor in real time any incident or emergency that occurs inside the buses.. We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the largest transport event in the world to present our technologies and meet with organizations from both the public sector, as private", Explains Jan Engelschalt, Director of Transport Segment Development, Axis Communications.

During your participation, Axis has unveiled its latest integrated security solutions to protect passengers, personnel, Rolling stock and infrastructure. Also, has taken the opportunity to present two dome cameras specially designed for surveillance on board.

The difference they have with their predecessors is that dome cameras Axis P3905-R Mk III And M3905-R They have a compact and discreet design that allows you to withstand shocks, vibrations and adapt to various lighting conditions, in addition to offering a resolution of 2MP.

They also provide built-in cybersecurity features to help prevent unauthorized access and protect all systems contacted to the network..

The event has been attended by more than 15.000 international visitors and 380 Exhibitors in an exhibition space of 40.000 square meters.

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By • 9 Jun, 2023
• Section: Systems control, Events, Video surveillance