Renfe Cercanias RS3

Infinity Neural E Imotion Analytics, Specialized in image analytics and intelligence technologies, They will be responsible for deploying these solutions in about five hundred stations of Renfe Commuter trains throughout Spain.

Within the framework of the project Renfe Smart Security Station (RS3), which has a budget of 31,7 million euros financed with funds from the European Union, This initiative "represents a commitment to the safety of travelers and digital transformation", According to the company's statement.

The RS3 project, which began at the end of 2021 and will end throughout 2024, already has more than sixty Cercanías stations with Intelligent video surveillance equipment Installed, which is the first step for the Digitalization of security systems of 483 stations in Spain.

Renfe capacity nearby stationsThis new system Anonymously and automatically collects and processes thousands of data through the CCTV system of each station and integrates them into a Single scorecard, All this with the aim of improving security and customer experience, Complying with data protection regulations, As reported by the company in its statement.

To deploy these solutions, Renfe has hired companies specialized in image analytics and intelligence technologies, As Infinity Neural, Specialized in detection, Real-time automatic sorting and counting, E Imotion Analytics, Software Development Engineering, Biometric analysis of people and neuromarketing, Both Startups accelerated with the TrenLab innovation program company.

In addition to the sixty stations that already have the new operating system, Currently 49 They already have the image analytics and intelligence system installed, and around 78 have already started the process, which is expected to conclude in this first quarter of the year, and the rest will be started gradually and during 2024.

During this time they will be replaced more than 5.000 analog security cameras by devices in IP network, that will allow sharing the information collected through the CCTV system in an integrated intelligent video analytics system.

Renfe Cercanias RS3

Footfall and incident control

Thanks to this intelligent security system you will be able to know what is happening in renfe Cercanías stations in real time. By analyzing the influx, For example, and if necessary, It is possible to direct more staff to the stations that need it at any time.

It also allows you to detect, in an automated way, Security-related incidents. such as people and objects falling onto the tracks, Fire, Vandalism or access fraud.

Access real-time information on the evolution of the Cercanías service "is key to improving the passenger experience, that priority is given to certainty and reliability when choosing a means of transport".

In this sense, The company points out that frequency and punctuality are the main attributes that collective transport must meet to attract private car travelers, One of the objectives of Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience (PRTR).

Renfe Cercanias IA

AI algorithm

The RS3 system collects images of the stations that are integrated into a video analytics system, where they are processed and analyzed with artificial intelligence algorithms. Subsequently, Treated images are deleted from the system within milliseconds.

In addition to the new video surveillance devices, They will also be installed access control systems, as well as communication for the connection of devices in IP network.

The RS3 project provides for the installation of Five hundred servers state-of-the-art and the Renewal of operating systems, installations and digital elements of the Cercanías stations of Spain.

To this is added the installation of approximately Five hundred cybersecurity probes for monitoring, Control and analysis. The ultimate goal is to increase the levels of digital security and cybersecurity in these spaces.

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By • 18 Jan, 2023
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