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In order to prevent vandalism, this security specialist has installed a Daview LR channel, connected to your Daview AMS video management solution, to have full control of critical points and improve the alarm verification process in some facilities.

The main railway operator in Spain –Renfe Operadora, public business entity attached to the Ministry of Public Works, whose activity is to provide passenger and freight transport services under the principle of safety, has carried out a protection project in some of its stations, like that of Arenys de Mar (Barcelona), after graffiti-related vandalism.

In order to eradicate this criminal activity and prevent new cases, Renfe has trusted the security specialist Davantis, to deploy a solution (technological and security) and perimeter security support, since the station is located at a strategic point and prone to the execution of such acts of vandalism.

In the technological field, Davantis has deployed a four-channel Daview LR equipment, to which the surveillance cameras that close the perimeter of the entire railway station of Arenys de Mar are connected.

Davantis video analysisSpecifically,, four thermal cameras have been installed to cover the longest stretches, while for perpendicular accesses on both sides to the station (on the side of the N-II as in the one that adjoins the beach), directly from the tracks, the use of visible cameras has been chosen because the detection range was much shorter.

In this case, the advanced function of Daview LR Smart PTZ facilitates the location of dome cameras in the area where the incident has occurred, so that if there is an incident there is a support video that facilitates the process of verifying the fixed camera, either thermal or day/night.

The image stabilizer that incorporates Daview LR is decisive to minimize the false positives derived from the vibration of the cameras. The railway environment is very prone to these characteristics due to the very passage of trains relatively close to this type of surveillance devices.

blankIn this type of critical and complex installations, in which the final placement of the elements is highly conditioned by safety, the passage of railways and the presence of the catenary, the Virtual IR function of this Davantis system is very useful to improve the contrast of thermal cameras at certain times of the day and night.

In order to speed up the verification of alarms, the Daview AMS alarm control software has been integrated into the Control Center, with which it has been possible to improve the response time to any incident, with a coordinated and more effective action with the physical surveillance present in the facility itself.

Daview AMS is a server that acts as a conventional alarm receiver and allows full control of the facilities, as well as integration with major alarm management software.

David Lopez, Renfe project manager, explains that "davantis video analysis system allows to obtain an added value to the traditional CCTV, implementing an early detection system of guarantees that increases the levels of security on our assets in complex situations".

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By • 10 Jun, 2019
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