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These network vcrs ensure users get the most out of the manufacturer's Wisenet cameras with integrated artificial intelligence.

Hanwha Techwin nvr with AI

The three new NVRs Hanwha Techwin, of 32 And 64 channels and a recording of up to 400 Mbps, accurately search for artificial intelligence metadata captured by this manufacturer's Wisenet cameras so operators can quickly search for objects and attributes associated with video.

Like the XRN-6410B4 64 channels and with the same characteristics, Wisenet XRN-3210B4 video recorder 32 channels also equips a dual switched mode power supply (Smps), ensuring continuity of recording in mission-critical applications.

These NVRs are compatible with all Wisenet cameras with artificial intelligence, that integrate video analytics with deep learning or deep learning no licensing cost to simultaneously detect and classify various types of objects, including people, Vehicles, faces and license plates. These algorithms, exclusive to the manufacturer, identify the attributes of objects or people as an age group, Sex, color of the clothes you're wearing, Etc.

Attributes are saved as metadata in NVRs, along with the images captured by the cameras, allowing you to quickly search for specific objects or incidents. Algorithms are even able to recognize whether a person wears glasses or holds a purse.

Business intelligence and crime prevention

This combination offers a high degree of detection accuracy, while minimizing false alarms. In this way, Control room operators and security personnel have a powerful tool to quickly identify and respond to any suspicious activity.

They also offer companies, and in particular the retail sector, the opportunity to capture and analyze business-type data, and thus know the demographics of customers, better understand your behavior and improve your in-store experience.
In addition to H.265, H.264 and MJPEG, the new NVRs are compatible with WiseStream II, additional compression technology, Exclusive to Hanwha Techwin, dynamically controlling coding, balancing quality and compression, depending on the movement of the image.

If communication between any of the NVRs is interrupted and a Wisenet camera equipped with an SD memory card, automatic recovery backup (Arb) facilitates seamless transfer and storage, continuing the operation.

In addition, these NVRs have sixteen bays for hard drives, with the ability to record and store up to 160 TB of data on the device in non-RAID mode; are compatible with Wisenet cameras with resolution 4 and 8K, thermal imaging, PTZ and multisensor; offer simultaneous playback on all channels and outputs to dual HMDI, among other features.

New CEO in Europe

Hanwha techwin europe jeff leeMoreover, Hanwha has announced the appointment of Jeff (Chae Won) Read as the company's new CEO in Europe, he has been working on for more than twenty years as a sales manager.

Jeff Lee replaces Bob in office (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., who returns to Korea to hold another senior management post. "I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the Hanwha Techwin Europe team, who is highly professional, with great knowledge and talent, he has pointed out,. Everyone shares a passion for supporting our range of video surveillance solutions, with the highest possible levels of pre-sales and after-sales support".

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By • 21 Dec, 2020
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