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Among the measures you are implementing to combat the spread of the pandemic is the installation of a thermal imaging camera that allows to detect temperature disturbances.

B+Safe at Marques Ensenada High School

The Marqués de la Ensenada college, located in the University City of Madrid, is implementing measures to combat the pandemic and keep employees and residents safe.

At the entrance of the center, as an access control system, a thermal imaging camera has been installed B+Safe, Spanish subsidiary of the specialist in health and safety technologies for companies Almas Industries Group detecting temperature disturbances so that decisions can be made immediately in the face of possible cases of COVID-19.

Thanks to this technology if someone has a temperature higher than recommended they will be informed, getting going, automatically, protocols, including monitoring that person's close contacts to control and limit the possible outbreak if confirmed.

"Your installation is a necessary tool in our center to try to prevent workers from entering, students or authorized visits with COVID-19-compatible symptoms, that could put the school at risk", explains Gonzalo Escalonilla, director general of the center.

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By • 25 Nov, 2020
• Section: Case studies, Access control, Detection, Training