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From retail stores to commercial buildings, contactless interactions are becoming the 'new normal' to reduce COVID-19 expansion.

Bosh building integration system 4

The personal health and public safety problems caused by the current coronavirus pandemic are currently driving the need for safer forms of interaction around the world.

In the business environment, from retail stores to commercial buildings, contactless interactions are becoming the 'new normal' to reduce the spread of the virus. However, although everyone is forced to follow guidelines that contribute to interpersonal estgnation, as well as prevent people from touching any device, they also need solutions that don't compromise the protection and access control of their facilities.

Bosh building integration system 4For this purpose, Bosch updated with the version 4.8 your Building Integration System solution (Bis) with new integration possibilities, that in addition to providing management, Security, protecting and automating buildings from a single system, it also allows for new possibilities for contactless entry, through facial recognition, contactless fingerprints and mobile access.

This is not only an advantage in terms of personal health. The new possibilities that BIS brings 4.8 they are also very practical for users, because they don't need to carry an access card or remember a password to access a building or area and ready to work with three different contactless solutions.

Facial recognition

Bosh building integration system 4 IdemiaBis 4.8 has been redesigned to work with VisionPass, Idemia's facial recognition solution, that captures a person's unique facial features and verifies them using credentials previously registered in the encrypted database.

If there is a positive coincidence, access is granted through BIS Access Engine and Access Modular Controller (AMC2) Bosch and opens the door or the gate. To improve safety and reliability, 'life detection' is used, preventing photos of people with permission to access fraudulently from being used.

Fingerprint readers

Bosh building integration system 4 IdemiaIntegrated with morphoWave reader Idemia, Bis 4.8 you can also provide fully integrated access using a contactless fingerprint solution. Simply move your hand in front of the non-contact sensor to trigger a 3D scan.

Four fingers are then checked in less than a second using fingerprints previously registered in the database. Again, a positive match will generate a command to grant access using BIS Access Engine and AMC2. Since fingerprint readers use unique biometric data, are very safe and difficult to misrepresent.

Mobile access

Bosh building integration system 4Another way to get a contactless access control solution is to use mobile phone technology to verify a user's access authorizations to a space.

With the integration of BIS 4.8 with STid Mobile ID or HID Mobile Access, users can present their mobile phones to a secure reader. In the case of STid Mobile ID you need an STid reader, or a Bosch Lectus secure if it's HID Mobile Access. To use this system, users must install the STid or HID mobile app in order to receive a unique ID number.

Another advantage of BIS 4.8 is its combination with Bosch B Series and G Series intrusion panels or MAP panels 5000, so that users only need an authorization ID to control two systems.

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By • 16 Dec, 2020
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