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This Italian airport logistics company has acquired nine thermal imaging cameras to protect its employees, suppliers and customers in the face of COVID-19 contagions.

In 2012, the terminal of the Malpensa Airport was certified as a competent centre for air and ground handling and transport of goods, especially small valuables, like mobile phones, tablets or clothing and accessories from top fashion brands.

Reference in Italy in the air cargo sector, Alha Group has seen how since then passenger transport has also experienced exponential growth in this facility, and that has been one of the reasons for installing a video surveillance system, in addition to responding safely to the health emergency situation.

Its managers sought a solution that offered maximum protection and safety to its employees, suppliers and customers, who have relied on the technology of the German manufacturer Mobotix, also controlling entry to offices and warehouses to prevent the spread of the virus.

"We have installed Mobotix thermal imaging cameras in our Malpensa facility, Rome-Fiumicino, Segrate, Pioltello, Verona and Prato to cover strategic transit areas", explains Marco Alesi, Alha Group Security Director.

Thanks to this project, Alha has created a virtual security perimeter to safeguard packages from potential theft. An infrared alarm system helps protect the area and is activated in case an intruder enters it, with real-time images of the cameras to act immediately.

Mobotix cameras are integrated into the intruder detection system, which is deactivated by the corresponding security identification documents, who are registered.

As Alesi points out, "we were already delighted with the Mobotix cameras we had installed before; a technology that stands for quality and durability, and also offers endless possibilities for development and integration, which is a great advantage that we have also taken into account in this new installation".

The registration system has a thermal imaging camera, activated during each employee's registration process in the warehouse and office access area. Through an audio message, the camera asks the employee to look at the camera and take off his glasses or any objects that cover his head.

If the body temperature measured by the camera does not exceed 37,5 ℃, a flashing green light is lit that allows entry into the charging area. Otherwise, a flashing red light and the issuance of an audio message instructs the employee to wait until the technical staff takes the temperature.

At the same time, the system sends an email with the capture of the camera and the date, saved personal information and the temperature detected. With the VoIP intercom system, Alha's security personnel can immediately contact the employee who has not been allowed in.

"Control measures strengthen everyone's safety during this health crisis. The possibility of immediate contact offered by the system following a seemingly positive test shows the importance we place on the well-being of our workers", Alesi says.

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By • 30 Sep, 2020
• Section: Case studies, Access control, Detection, Services, Video surveillance