The new system is based on the latest computer vision technology, that records up to 50.000 facial insoles, even with a mask, with a recognition speed of less than 0,3 Seconds.


The tech company B+Safe, Spanish subsidiary of the specialist in health and safety technologies for companies Almas Industries Group, has developed an access control solution designed for contagion prevention and worker safety, because it performs access control by facial recognition, even with a mask, and measures the temperature of each person.

The new system uses a powerful algorithm for facial recognition, based on the latest computer vision technology, that allows both facial verification (also with mask) and that is completed with the body temperature detection that carries the camera, that allows or does not allow people access, with a ± 0.3 ℃.

In the absence of physical contact in the control process, prevents any possibility of contagion and people with fever accessing a facility. The system allows you to record up to 50.000 facial insoles, with a recognition speed of less than 0,3 seconds per face.

blankAs Nuño Azcona explains, CEO of B+Safe, "thanks to its non-contact technology and temperature control, this new solution can help in the surveillance of communicable diseases. No umerous companies are contacting us to protect people in accessing their facilities, as companies, Factories, Schools, commercial buildings and more".

This solution also incorporates anti-phishing technology, which avoids false positives, discards b/n and color photographs, 3D videos and masks. Add to this its intelligent energy-saving design, that evaluates a distance of up to 2,5 Meters (between the user and the device) using a microwave detector before activating the reconnaissance system.

The system features a camera with a CMOS sensor 2 Mp, WDR function and Starlight, to recognize faces in extreme lighting conditions (0,5 lux – 50.000 Lux), as well as an 8" touchscreen with 400 Lux, offering better visibility under intense light.

It can also operate in temperature ranges of -30o to 60oC, for which it has IK04 protection for outdoor and IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

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By • 21 Sep, 2020
• Section: Access control, Detection, Urban security, Services