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This intelligent indoor solution offers complete and efficient identification of people with a high skin temperature.

Human Skin Temperature Detection is a smart solution developed by Bosch that identifies people with a high skin temperature, for what the Dinion IP thermal camera uses 9000 RM from this manufacturer.

This indoor thermal chamber is able to measure the temperature of human skin in a range of 2,5 To 4,5 Meters. Along with this device, the solution consists of a smart set-top box (Videojet 7000) that captures thermal data thanks to the installed software, a temperature reference device (Called blackbody) and a keyboard to check the history of alarms.

blankTo detect possible temperature deviations, the set-top box and the camera combine their strengths, because it incorporates Intelligent Video Analytics to detect faces and make the solution can measure the hottest points on the face.

The temperature reference device is also used to compensate for possible temperature differences caused by various factors, helping to execute a more accurate measurement of skin temperature.

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By • 5 Oct, 2020
• Section: Access control, Detection, Urban security, Services, Video surveillance