This new version allows more system components to run in the cloud, in addition to facilitating the connection of external elements, among other new features.

Genetec Security Center v5
Genetec has introduced the version 5.0 of its Security Center platform that takes another step towards a hybrid video surveillance architecture in the cloud, because now more system components can run in the cloud, reducing the gap between on-premises and cloud security systems.

Security Center 5.0 offers customers with large video surveillance systems new options to facilitate their migration to the cloud, as well as to support flexible hybrid cloud architectures, making it easier for organizations to video surveillance as a service (VSaaS).

With this new version, the video management system of this platform -Security Center Omnicast- seamlessly use cloud and on-premises storage to manage short- and long-term video recordings, according to customer needs.

Another advantage is the flexibility of configuration, reporting capability and supports various scenarios for real-time access, or on demand, to video streams stored in the cloud.

Genetec Security Center v5

Depending on how critical or not the video is, customer can select high-performance cloud storage for fast or long-term access to comply with regulations. To ensure maximum safety, stored video blocks are encrypted on the on-premises system and then moved to the cloud via encrypted communication channels.

For Francis Lachance, Genetec's director of video products and devices, "Last year the digital transformation of organizations large and small, inside and outside the security industry. Omnicast Cloud Storage isn't just terabytes in the cloud; it's a complete collection of multimedia services that delivers the flexibility and sophistication business customers need to successfully move to a hybrid cloud video surveillance architecture".

Another improvement is the Sipelia Communications Management module, facilitating SIP-based communications between Security Center operators and intercom devices, that now supports cloud deployments.

Security Center 5.10 it also offers a new codeless solution to connect external data sources and improve operator perception in the face of a situation. The Record Fusion Service feature provides a simple and fast path to integrating third-party data streams from private platforms or partners, as traffic data, utilities, of time, Etc.

Genetec Security Center v5

Users can define custom data types and consume them from a wide variety of sources, including KML documents, JSON and CSV, or set up a Rest application listener to which these external services can send logs or data.

Genetec Record Fusion Service can be used across the unified platform to improve knowledge and response, provide contextual information on dynamic maps, visualized in dashboards Operating, research reports or in the monitoring interface.

The service supports a wide range of applications, from displaying filtered and user-defined information on a map with custom graphic elements, to combine multiple records from a wide variety of sources to create custom aggregate records that are useful to operators.

Genetec Omnicast Cloud storage Security center v5

Record Fusion Service increases agility, allows accurate and relevant data to be easily and quickly added to the platform, improving the efficiency of security operators to access contextual information.

Security Center 5.10 has improved its use with mobile devices with Genetec Mobile, a unified app that allows users to access cameras, doors and automatic license plate recognition units (Alpr) from their smartphones, that now supports Genetec Mission Control incidents and standard operating procedures.

As a result,, users can activate or view active incidents on maps or in list format and record incidents on-site to notify control center operators.

Genetec Experience Center

Experience Virtual Center

Another new feature of Genetec is the opening of the Experience Virtual Center, a powerful online platform for your channel partners and end users to easily cooperate with Genetec staff, analyze projects, see demonstrations, Etc. easily and from anywhere in the world.

Experience Virtual Center offers the same interaction as a face-to-face visit to Genetec's Experience Centers physically in other parts of the world, like Montreal, Paris, London, Dubai and Singapore.

This platform avoids travel time and expenses and offers its guests, both individually and in groups, the possibility of deepening the security environment, attend virtually high-level meetings and events on Genetec's unified platform.

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