Genetec Security Center SaaS

Based on a hybrid SaaS architecture, The new Genetec It enables organizations to move components and sites to the cloud based on needs and requirements using a combination of cloud-native services and cloud-managed devices, with storage and processing at the edge.

Genetec has presented its solution Security Center SaaS, A scalable tool, open and unified software that has been developed with cybersecurity and privacy at the center.

Combining access control, video management, Forensic Search, Intrusion Monitoring, automation and many other advanced security features, Security Center SaaS opens a new chapter in the technological evolution of the electronic security industry.

“With Security Center SaaS, Organizations are no longer tied to proprietary or feature-as-a-service solutions that unnecessarily force them to choose between everything on-premises or everything in the cloud. Security Center SaaS's enterprise capabilities and open architecture are designed to enable systems to manage complex workloads where it makes the most sense to deploy them.", Says Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering and CSO at Genetec.

As deployments become increasingly sophisticated, End users rely on trusted security professionals to guide them through their transition to Cloud & Hybrid Environments. To bring this new SaaS solution to market, Genetec Has Transformed Its Entire Approach to Procurement, Deploy and maintain without compromising the business capabilities your solutions are known for.

“Current SaaS approaches are taking the spotlight away from channel partners, whom we consider critical to the success of clients and projects. Security Center SaaS represents a significant opportunity for our system integrators. It means better margins and long-term customer satisfaction, No additional investment in time or resources by partners”, Explains Michel Chalouhi, Vice President, Global Sales, Genetec.

Genetec's new portal makes quoting easier, The Order, Deploying and managing large deployments so channel partners can continue to grow their business and deliver the technology and ownership options their end users demand.

Genetec Security Center SaaS

Cloud Business Experience

With the ability to centralize multi-site monitoring and management, Security Center SaaS is ideally suited to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of industry verticals, Including Retail, Education, Corporate Campuses, Banking, Health and Cities. You can service low-density deployments with a range of direct-to-cloud appliances and scale up to thousands of sites and devices with hybrid storage and compute. Traders can manage trades from a SOC (Security Operations Center) or on the go through robust web and mobile apps.

Security Center SaaS is a deployment-agnostic platform that supports a variety of configurations. Based on a hybrid SaaS architecture, The new solution enables organizations to move components and sites to the cloud based on their needs and requirements through a combination of cloud-native services and cloud-managed appliances, with storage and processing at the edge. Thanks to its open architecture, Security Center SaaS gives organizations the freedom to choose their devices, The cameras and controllers that best fit your business.

Security Center SaaS can also connect with existing on-premises security infrastructure and devices. Access control devices and cameras that are not cloud-ready can be connected using Genetec edge devices.

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By • 26 Feb, 2024
• Section: storage, Access control, Systems control, Infrastructure, Intrusion, Computer security, Video surveillance