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Adoption of hybrid and cloud solutions set the tone for next year, According to the results of the State of Electronic Security report by Genetec more than 5.500 Companies, Integrators & End-Users Worldwide.

The report on the state of electronic security for 2024 of Genetec It is based on the experience of more than 5.500 Professional of this industry around the world (including end-users and integrators), to analyze the strategies that organizations are deploying in this environment and face the challenges of a changing industry.

The adoption of Cloud-based solutions for electronic security has gradually increased over the past decade, But now it's picking up speed. According to the survey, The 44% of end-users globally points out that more than 25% of your physical security configurations is in the cloud or use a combination with the local. A significant leap from the 24% reported in last year's report.

Moreover, Cyber concerns about cloud-based solutions are decreasing significantly. In last year's survey, End-users considered that the risks of Cybersecurity perceived as the main factor deterring their organizations from adopting cloud-based security systems.

Genetec Safety Study2024However, There seems to be a shift that underscores the Growing Confidence in the capabilities of cloud solution providers to establish robust cybersecurity measures. As a result, Respondents this year have relegated cybersecurity risks to the sixth position among the factors that deter their organizations from adopting cloud security systems.

Integrators also support the idea that end users are shifting to cloud solutions. In fact, A 74% It anticipates that more than half of its current customers will adopt cloud connectivity for security reasons in the next year.

In addition, The 39% of integrators say they prioritize cloud-based solutions whenever possible, and a 52% additional services are offered at the customer's request.

The increasing adoption of cloud-based electronic security systems has led to an increase in cybersecurity threats, Data handling and compliance requirements.

As a result, IT and physical security teams are increasingly interconnected, As evidenced by the 55% of end users who indicate that this department has access to physical or electronic security data.

According to the Genetec report, As technology adoption grows, remote access from external networks becomes more common, the partnership between IT and physical security will continue to develop.

The Future Looks Hybrid

Genetec Safety Study2024According to the survey, Most organizations will prefer a hybrid approach that combines on-premise and cloud-based solutions. One 60% of end users surveyed reveal that their organizations are aiming for a security deployment strategy that combines both.

The transition to hybrid systems is already underway: The 15% of end users report that their organizations currently store video surveillance data both locally and in the cloud, This is a significant increase over the 4% reported in last year's survey.

"Hybrid cloud deployment clearly emerges as the right path forward for many organizations, seamlessly combining on-premises infrastructure with the power of the cloud," he says Christian Morin, Vp. Product Engineering Manager and Safety Manager at Genetec-. With a hybrid cloud solution, they can optimize their physical security installation to best suit their business.".

For the preparation of this report, Genetec has surveyed electronic security professionals from the 21 from August to 15 September 2023, and in its final analysis, the reports of 5.554 professionals from all continents.

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By • 14 Dec, 2023
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