Genetec Security Trends 2024

IT and e-security teams converge, Demand for hybrid cloud solutions is on the rise, Modernizing Access Control Becomes a Top Priority and IoT Device Data Creates Demand for Analytics. Here are some of the trends that Genetec predicts will be key to this 2024 in the security market.

Genetec He has shared his top predictions for the electronic security industry this year.

In 2024, Organizations will look for Optimize collaboration between IT and security teams electronics. Bringing these two types of competencies together will result in more effective risk mitigation and data optimization across the enterprise.

E-security leaders are increasingly integrating IT expertise into their departments. At the same time, Security Operations are expanding their role to address electronic security risks, Leveraging data from both groups. More and more, IT will incorporate e-security into its group and begin overseeing e-security mandates.

The need for Unified, cloud-connected e-security will increase as cross-departmental collaboration expands. This unified, connected view will help teams get a complete picture of changing systems and threats, while allowing them to use data more effectively.

Genetec access control

Modernizing access control

Modernizing access control will continue to be a top priority in 2024. To alleviate the complexities of upgrading, Many organizations will shift to a hybrid cloud model or implement cloud-ready access control solutions. This will deliver continuous innovation and cybersecurity upgrades that will bolster security from gateways to networks.

You will also see an increased demand for Open Access Control Solutions. Enterprises are increasingly looking for flexibility to aggregate and connect the best available technologies. This will include everything, from building management systems to safety and security solutions, to mobile credentials.

Many organizations will also come to a head in managing separate video and access control systems. In your effort to achieve greater efficiency, Leaders will take steps toward unifying the system. This will simplify system monitoring and maintenance tasks, leading to increased production and cost savings across the enterprise.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption to Increase

During 2024, The e-security industry will see a huge increase in hybrid cloud adoption in medium and large enterprises.

A recent study of more than 5.500 electronic security professionals carried out by Genetec confirms that the 44% of organizations already have more than a quarter of their esecurity deployment in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment. Additionally, The 60% of organizations say they prefer hybrid cloud as a long-term strategy.

As Cloud Adoption Increases, There will be a growing interest in new devices ready to connect them to the cloud. Not only do they speed up access to Cloud Services, they also improve computing power at the edge.

We will also see an increased focus on the use of data in the cloud and associated cost efficiencies. Users will increasingly use cloud-managed devices to store heavy data, as videos. Organizations will seek the expertise of integrators to explore use cases beyond security to maximize hybrid cloud investments. This will create a lucrative opportunity for integrators to focus their efforts on value-added services to help customers overcome new challenges, while generating sustainable recurring business.

Genetec IIOT

IIoT devices and associated data

The market is experiencing an increase in the availability of electronic security devices and sensors of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Organizations from various industries are adopting these technologies, Not only to increase data diversity in your security deployments, but also to connect isolated systems and retrieve valuable information.

Organizations that opt for an open, API-centric architecture, along with a unified approach, They will reap the greatest benefits over time. This will allow them to combine and analyze multiple data sources to help craft new strategies and maximize the return on all technology investments.

As the amount of data available continues to increase, Many organizations will also be looking for ways to Digitize and automate your workflows to help your operators. As a result, Demand for electronic security solutions with built-in analytics will grow, Automation tools and visual dashboards.

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