Genetec hospital Sainte-Justine

The open and scalable platform Genetec Security Center is the hub for the hospital's security staff to manage the more than eight hundred video surveillance cameras, Access Controls & Fire Alarms From Anywhere.

The staff of the University Hospital Center (CHU) Sainte-Justine of Montreal (Canada) You are now prepared to act proactively in the event of an incident and ensure the safety of your customers. 10.000 employees and the close to 300.000 Annual users who come to this facility.

When CHU officials planned Doubling the size of the hospital, One of the main elements was to renew and improve the security system of the venue, as well as making the most of existing CCTV infrastructure.

Until then, The hospital had about 100 video surveillance cameras, But operators could only access some from the Security Operations Center (Soc). Security personnel were also busy handling decentralized systems of video, Access Control & Fire Alarms.

This situation made it difficult for security personnel to respond quickly to any incident. That's why, Its managers decided to select the open and scalable solution Security Center de Genetec, to easily manage devices and systems from anywhere in the hospital.

As part of the enlargement, It was also decided to reuse the Analog Cameras Panasonic Existing, taking advantage of the platform's openness and support for a long list of devices.

Genetec hospital Sainte-Justine

The function Federation of Genelec Security Center connects the video systems of the two main buildings of the health campus. In addition, The doctors and nurses responsible for the intervention protocol also have access to the IP video system, so they can spot someone who looks suspicious, as well as patients in need of immediate medical attention.

"Our mission is to respond more effectively and prepare our staff to react quickly to any situation," he says Julie Carpentier, CHU Sainte-Justine Emergency Preparedness & Safety Coordinator-. With the Security Center platform, we're getting there.".

Hospital officials are looking into integration, Short-term, key tracking and fire alarm systems with Security Center, in addition to Upgrade your access control system to manage nine hundred doors on the platform.

CHU Security Guards Use Video Management Video Surveillance System Omnicast de Genetec to manage the More than eight hundred cameras From four of the venue's security control centers.

Thanks to the open Genetec Security Center platform, The hospital has been able to reuse its existing analogue cameras, in addition to adding other Six hundred new IP cameras from the manufacturer Bosch Security to its existing buildings and the new downtown wing.

Now, Guards can Get videos from any SOC or security desktop, regardless of where they are located, and see what's happening anywhere in the hospital.

Two main control rooms act as operations center for crisis management. for Fabrice Brunet, President and CEO of CHU Sainte-Justine, "Unified visualization helps our operators be more effective in their jobs. And that keeps everyone in our hospital safe.".

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By • 16 Nov, 2023
• Section: Case studies, Systems control