Axis at Mall of America

This large shopping mall in Minnesota has revamped its video surveillance solution with PTZ cameras, domes and body of Axis. Equipment that has been integrated into the video management system of Genetec that I already had installed.

The mall Mall of America (MOA) Improves your Video Surveillance Infrastructure with pan/tilt and zoom panoramic cameras (Ptz), Axis domes and body cameras. Cameras complement foot and bike patrols, K9 Units and Behavior Analysts.

Since it opened its doors in 1992 in Bloomington (Minnesota), Mall of America has been touted as a tourist destination. In addition to the more than 50 restaurants and more than 500 tents under your roof, 32 Millions of visitors a year flock to the mall's dozens of attractions, including game rooms, A miniature golf course, the largest aquarium in Minnesota and the largest indoor theme park with roller coasters and different rides.

Axis at Mall of America

To protect buyers, MOA employs a Team of Security Agents, patrolling by bike and on foot, in uniform and undercover civilian clothes. K9 Units They roam the three levels of the mall sniffing out explosives and other banned substances. In addition to the Police Department Officers assigned to the mall, There are behavioral analysts, who watch crowds for potential problems, and Intelligence Analysts, that scour social media for potential threats.

And on top of these security measures are hundreds of surveillance cameras overseeing parking areas, Entrances and public spaces.

“It's all part of our comprehensive security system”, explains Will Bernhjelm, Vice President of Security, Mall of America. “While no security system is one hundred percent foolproof, We believe our layered approach is close to being. The more layers we build, Less chance there is of all those holes lining up at once”.

Axis at Mall of America

Camera Upgrade

When it became apparent that MOA's old camera system could not maintain the same innovative trajectory as other systems on the market, It's time for change.

“We have a lot of square footage to cover”, comments Nick Evert, Mall of America Shipping & Special Projects Manager. “That's why, we are always looking for the best technology that can work with the Genetec video management system we already have in place”.

Collins Electrical Construction, Your Integration Partner, recommended that they consider Axis Communications' camera offering. “Axis seemed like the most suitable choice for the mall”, says Mark North, Account Director, Collins Electric. “Mall of America has a variety of applications and within the Axis lineup there is a solution for almost every situation we encounter, We don't have to worry about compatibility issues with your video management system. In addition, Their cameras have features like a wide dynamic range to capture clear images ,even in mall atriums and areas with lots of glass and shiny, reflective surfaces”.

North points to other advantages in Axis' offering, As Infrared illumination optimized for night surveillance and Multi-directional cameras that combine panoramic views with PTZ capability in a single housing, useful for tracking an event and maintaining a wide view of the area.

“Axis even offers stainless steel housing options to protect cameras operating in wet environments, such as the indoor water park planned for the mall”, share North.

A battle chamber for the mall is the Q63 PTZ Series. “The resolution of these cameras is excellent for identifying people”, says Nick Evert. “When we disseminate those images to our staff internally or externally to law enforcement agencies, They really appreciate clarity”.

Axis at Mall of America

Door Alarm Verification

To protect its occupants and provide an escape route during an emergency, Mall of America has installed cameras in most of its fire doors.

“We've connected an Axis camera to the fire doors so that, When the door alarm goes off, The security team can see what's happening in that location”, says Nick Evert.

Most of the time it turns out that this is someone who is lost and just looking for a comfortable way out. But other times it could be a suspect trying to flee the mall. “If we can see where that person is going, we can alert our law enforcement officers or Bloomington police to stop it.

Security also uses cameras to determine why a door alarm isn't deactivated. “Usually, It's because someone who goes out the fire door doesn't always make sure it closes”, Evert explains. “That can drastically affect the building's HVAC system, So it's important to have someone come and secure the door”.

In winter, if sub-zero air leaks into those hallways, Pipes can freeze. On the contrary, In summer, if hot, moist air leaks through those hallways, Building Loses Cooling Capacity.

Axis at Mall of America

Monitoring activity in the food court

In high-traffic areas, Like food courts, Safety depends on the M50 Cameras to stay on top of issues. The camera houses three 5 megapixels plus a PTZ camera with zoom option 10 Increases.

“There's a lot of activity up there”, explains Nick Evert. “So, It's nice to be able to have a view of 360 degrees of those areas and the ability to expand a specific group or individual”.

While cameras are primarily used for surveillance, They also help the safety team proactively look for potential hazards such as spills that could lead to customer slips and falls and document injury claims.

“It's not just about trying to prevent accidents”, says Will Bernhjelm. “We also use cameras as investigative tools to prevent false liability claims”.

Bernhjelm also notes that having cameras strategically placed throughout the mall often helps security officers locate missing children and respond quickly to medical emergencies.

Axis at Mall of America

Anti-intrusion measures

Mall of America operates 16 hours a day. But after hours, It's a tempting place for people to gather.”There was an individual who kept coming into the building after hours and we couldn't understand how he did it”, Nick Evert tells.

The culprit was sleeping in the basement where there was no camera coverage. Installation of panoramic cameras Axis P37 and P47 They have made it possible to monitor that area "and determine that the intruder was entering through a fire door that was not fully closed. Steps were immediately taken to repair the faulty door.", share Evert

Equipping your agents with Axis body cameras adds another layer to mall security. “This gives us a completely different perspective”, clarifies Will Bernhjelm. “Before, We were simply going through the camera footage without audio. Now, with bodycam footage, We can hear what all sides are saying. It gives us a real sense of what was going on in the scene”.

This has been especially important with so many people recording incidents on their mobile phones and posting them on social media.

Mall of America Continues to Explore New Pathways That Will Improve Safety, since the addition of Axis analytics such as loitering detection, from object classification and people counting to the implementation of devices such as speakers, Axis thermal cameras and radar detectors. They're even starting to train their K9 explosive detection units to detect firearms as well.

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