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Some production plants in Poland, office buildings and logistics centers of this appliance manufacturer have been equipped with a complex network, integrated with video surveillance cameras and access control systems.

Bosch at BSH Hausgerate

The German BSH Hausgeräte was founded around 50 years as a joint venture between Robert Bosch and Siemens AG. Since then it has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of household appliances., offering products such as dishwasher, Kitchens, Ovens, refrigerators and coffee machines.

The company, which is owned by the Bosch Group since 2015, Has 40 factories around the world and operates with 58.000 approximately employees.

Bosch at BSH HausgerateProvide safety and security to all employees, of all the facilities in the different venues, as well as the products manufactured is a key element. Since each venue has different environmental conditions, different production results and, in general, needs that vary greatly from one to another, Bosch Building Technologies has chosen an individual approach for those of Lodz, Rzeszow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

The smoke suction system has turned out to be the best solution in large production areas to cope with the fact that all factory work generates large amounts of dust and moisture and that the entire manufacturing area is mobile crane terrain..

Bosch at BSH HausgerateAnother area of focus was better control of production processes and results.. Without the appropriate video surveillance cameras, it has been proven that it is difficult to reconstruct the events that happen in the production area. This is why BSH needed a surveillance system that would provide high-resolution detailed images of all production and logistics areas of all sites..

Employees must monitor the processes in the storage areas as well as the products and boxes that are loaded into the transport vehicles, that is why Bosch has implemented systems that go beyond the needs of customers. Installed cameras don't just keep a real-time eye on items being loaded onto trucks, they also provide quality recordings when needed. This ensures greater efficiency and better control.

Bosch at BSH HausgerateThe cameras have turned out to be multifunctional resources of the security systems integrated in all the production plants. Next to the production lines, manage and monitor production processes and inform employees about potential irregularities.

The panoramas, suitable for surveillance of large areas, provide supervision of production plants and logistics centers as a whole, they also guarantee the identification and monitoring of the products that are going to be loaded to be transported.

Bosch at BSH HausgerateMoreover, Bosch has to ensure adequate access control to manage the daily arrival and departure of thousands of employees and deploy video cameras to monitor valuable goods in showrooms., where, In addition, visitors are guaranteed a pleasant environment thanks to premium sound speakers and high-quality public address solutions.

Bosch at BSH HausgerateAs a result, the Rzeszow production plant, as well as the factories and logistics centers of Wroclaw and Lodz not only received high quality solutions for their challenges in relation to safety and security in the facilities, product processes and employees, but went further.

Bosch provided them with fully integrated systems that allow BSH to manage these facilities across a complex network and continue to integrate them together in the future.. Plans have already emerged to manage the security and protection systems of some facilities from a selected site through multiple servers and integrated solutions..

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