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Micro 3000i and turret 3000i IR models with Essential Video Analytics from this range offer high-quality images for outdoor applications and changing lighting levels.

Bosch Flexidome IP micro 3000i and turret 3000i IR

The manufacturer Bosch has introduced two new outdoor cameras: Flexidome micro 3000i and Flexidome turret 3000i IR with built-in Essential Video Analytics, which helps users react before a potential risky situation occurs.

Designed for outdoor applications, when light levels vary, both models of the Flexidome IP range offer high-quality images, with resolutions of up to 5 Mp, are weatherproof and feature a vandal-resistant housing.

Bosch Flexidome IP micro 3000iThe Flexidome IP micro 3000i camera is compact in design and is built for high-quality performance throughout the day, with a simple installation. The turret 3000i IR equips an infrared imaging system to capture high-quality images, even in total darkness.

Both models offer a high dynamic range (Hdr) of 120 Db, with resolutions of up to 5 Mp, and they're weatherproof (IP66 certified), in addition to having a vandal resistance housing (IK10).

Bosch Flexidome IP turret 3000i IRIntegrated artificial intelligence, like Essential Video Analytics, uses metadata to give meaning and structure to video images and allows Flexidome IP micro 3000i and IP turret 3000i IR cameras to 'understand what they capture', while offering customers a proactive ability to react before it happens.

Essential Video Analytics can be used for advanced intrusion detection, as alerts of people prowling, either someone or something that enters a predefined field. In addition, can help strengthen compliance with health and safety regulations, such as areas where you should not park and emergency exits blocked.

All Bosch Flexidome IP 3000i models offer remote connectivity, allowing them to access the system or video images from anywhere, anytime.

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By • 3 Sea, 2021
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