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This new point-of-sale integration tool (POS) is designed to help the retail sector speed up processes in the event of theft or loss, that integrates into the security system.

Security Center Transaction Finder is the new tool Genetec to assist the retail sector in its processes in the event of theft or loss, unified with the security system combines point-of-sale data with captured video and incorporates data analysis for reporting.

Thanks to this, facilitates the process of obtaining information without having to move from one platform to another, in addition to analyzing, filter and accelerate the analysis of large volumes of transactions to detect activities such as unjustified losses, theft, etc.. and assist in research to reduce losses and keep the business.

As Rob Borsch explains, head of commerce and banking at Genetec, "working with different tools and applications to reduce losses in trades is a critical aspect, although the large number of transactions that need to be reviewed at the point of sale, junto con el tiempo que se invierte para encontrar de manera manual el vídeo de seguridad asociado a una actividad fraudulenta, hace que esta sea una tarea complicada. Con Transaction Finder resolvemos este problema al identificar transacciones sospechosas y localizar vídeos de interés en una sola herramienta”.

Genetec Security Center Transaction Finder permite a los investigadores que, con solo aplicar criterios de búsqueda sencillos, como fecha, time, nombre del empleado, etc., aparezcan los SKU de la transacción, even the nulls or if any movement has been detected in the customer registry, or similar.

With this data, the Transaction Finder feature built into Genetec Security Center records the point-of-sale database and correlates activities that meet the criteria that have been previously selected, along with the associated video and transaction details, allowing you to quickly identify suspicious transactions or flag suspicious ones for a more detailed investigation.

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By • 18 Sea, 2020
• Section: Control Systems, Detection, Services