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This modern shopping center has the access Matrix control system, It allows to visualize the State of more than one hundred doors to carry out monitoring and control.

Bosch Mall Mall Switzerland

With a total area of 65.000 square meter, the Mall of Switzerland, located in Ebikon in the Canton of Lucerne, It is the second largest of Switzerland Mall. This modern complex visitors can enjoy a 90 stores, 18 Restaurants, a multiplex cinema with 12 auditoriums, a spacious internal courtyard and multiple facilities for exercise.

It is expected the Mall of Switzerland to welcome a maximum of five million visitors a year. This poses considerable challenges for the security of the building, that answer is given with the technology of Bosch.

"At the present time, trends and customer requirements change faster than ever. The buildings have to be able to adapt easily; Although this, of course, also poses new challenges, as for example in the field of security. With Bosch as a partner, We know that we can handle anything that appears", explains Jan Wengeler, Shopping Centre Manager.

For the Mall of Switzerland, Bosch infrastructures experts implemented a tailor-made security solution for controlling access to restricted areas. At its core is the access control Matrix system, presenting a combination of electronic and accessories door cylinders with readers, terminals, drivers and software.

A management system with a custom user interface allows to visualize the State of more than one hundred doors to monitor and control them in a quick and easy way. This significantly increases the safety and security of visitors and staff, even in complex situations with large crowds of people.

Operators now face the future with confidence, Since additional parts of the Mall of Switzerland they can be integrated quickly and flexibly in the general system, as needed.

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By • 2 Jul, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, Access control