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The new version incorporates 'dewarping' transcoded video streams for panoramic cameras on network, works with Windows 10 and other systems, and it can now be used in touch screens.

Bosch-video-security-client-1-5Video Security Client 1.5 It is the optimized application of video surveillance of Bosch Security for IP cameras and solutions Divar IP both local and remote monitoring, compatible with small systems (from one to sixteen cameras), particularly suitable for the supervision and control of losses in supermarkets, stores, offices and hotels.

Version 1.5 It allows you to monitor live and reproduce images of the IP surveillance cameras in any place where there is an available network connection, Since it supports both standalone devices on network or any of the Divar IP family. The application connects directly to Bosch devices and no local configuration is required.

Main monitor Video Security Client allows you to combine up to eight HD or SD cameras to view them and control them at the same time, and the operator can choose various designs for video windows; drag multiple cameras and view them in predefined views or freely define individual views that show a logical composition of images of the devices with a single click.

Bosch-video-security-client-1-5Within the timeline of window, the recorded video can be played with just one click and the user has the possibility to manage without problems a PTZ camera using window PTZ controls.

View play of the application allows you to view and export recorded video from up to eight cameras simultaneously, and a panel that shows the recordings in order chronological.

The vista research helps to define criteria for the advanced search functions, exclusive to Bosch CCTV products, in which the user can define the number of people who enter through a door or specific area of installation; search for events at any time and from any location, among other possibilities.

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By • 13 Oct, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, Services, CCTV