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Genetec AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud software adds automatic license plate recognition capabilities to IP video surveillance cameras without specifying any device or module.

Genetec AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud

Genetec It has developed a module, called AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud, to increase the performance of your software for automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) AutoVu.

This module adds capabilities ALPR on IP video surveillance cameras, eliminating the need to specify an external unit that performs these functions. It provides an affordable solution that offers the same precision that provide more specialized AutoVu units, in situations where vehicles are moving at speeds of up to 25 km/h, how for example monitoring monitoring areas of parking or garage door opening operations.

Genetec AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud

AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud ALPR engine is hosted in the cloud, What makes it easy to install and maintain, and their updates will be applied automatically without the need for the client involved what the system has to be inactive. AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud is connected to cameras run Security Center of Genetec, unified platform that incorporates video surveillance, ALPR and access control.

Axis M1124-E and M1125-EThe use of any of the two systems is activated when movement is detected, When the lines cross or hardware is powered, including loops Earth and IR sensors. AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud detect vehicles and load videos encrypted of short duration to the cloud-based engine, where the image will be analyzed. The data will be sent back to the system's local Security Center so it is compared with the lists of vehicles and used to document the credentials of input/output or open doors, and action alerts.

Panasonic WV-SFV481AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud software, customers will favour an extensive series of ALPR AutoVu features, It will be totally unified with the Security Center and will they take advantage of the flexible list management system, an intuitive user interface and advanced ALPR complete experience reporting engine.

Now, new Genetec ALPR module can be used with cameras of three manufacturers who have completed certification: Axis Communications, Panasonic and Sony. There are also others that are in the process of certification.

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By • 1 June, 2015
• Section: Access control, Detection, Urban Security, CCTV