i-PRO AI Smart Box

This new and compact solution of i-PRO Brings serverless AI image analysis to network cameras that don't have this technology with lower cost and effort.

Designed to turn AI-free network cameras into smart devices, the solution AI Smart Box is a combination of the well-known i-PRO mini with a new internal application of the manufacturer, that provides deep learning analytics, thanks to the extraction of complete metadata of objects from the real-time flow of a traditional camera.

As part of i-PRO's open strategy, This solution offers a way for non-AI cameras from other manufacturers to integrate with i-Pro Active Guard, since its software provides a multitude of attributes of objects for forensic search and live events for the Most popular VMS market, like Milestone, Genetec, Luxriot and more.

i-PRO AI Smart Box

"Similar to how we used encoders in the transition from analog to IP fifteen or twenty years ago., this 'AI encoder'’ enables a seamless transition to AI-based analytics," he explains. Gerard Figols, President of I- PRO EMEA-. Leading the way again to make AI accessible to more customers, with a single, cost-effective solution for legacy network cameras to transition while benefiting from our Active Guard software.".

i-PRO AI Smart Box is designed for customers who have some cameras without AI capability, but they do need Collect metadata valuable for use in detailed forensic searches and real-time notifications through integration with Active Guard, No additional license fees and no processing delays when seconds count.

This is what he points out. Philippe Henaine, Strategic Partner Manager for Europe: "Our approach is simple., but efficient: We have developed a new application for an existing product, enabling customers to turn their AI-free cameras into smart devices by adding this compact box to their system infrastructure. In this way, everyone can try and experience the benefits of AI-generated metadata.".

Works transferring MJPEG streams from a non-AI camera to the AI Smart Box for processing, and the results are sent to the Active Guard server and VMS. Up to two applications can be installed that detect people or vehicles with the capacity for about a hundred attributes of individual objects.

According to the company, provide that any network camera that supports an MJPEG output and a minimum of 5 fps at 1,920 resolution×1.080p or 1.280x720p is compatible with AI Smart Box. Customers can enjoy the benefits of generating metadata for AI-free cameras that meet these requirements after installing the dedicated app on their i-PRO mini device. (WV-S71300A-F3).

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By • 13 Jul, 2023
• Section: Systems control, Detection, Services, Video surveillance