i-PRO Scene change detection

This analytical application based on artificial intelligence from i-PRO It allows more than one hundred models of cameras from this manufacturer to easily detect a scene on-site, thanks to a series of captured images.

Called Scene change detection, This function of Scene change detection with artificial intelligence of i-PRO, The first of its kind so far on the market according to the manufacturer, will be added to your range of Analytical applications with AI in the camera itself, so that when anomalies occur in the field of vision of the device, an immediate warning is sent to the safety and operations teams.

i-PRO Scene change detectionWhen it will be available in the market soon, This new application will be able to integrate in more than one hundred models of i-PRO cameras with AI. Unlike traditional object detection analyses based on this technology, that warn or indicate when objects cross a line or enter a predefined zone, Scene change detection allows users to tell a surveillance camera what a whole scene looks normal.

Next, Analysis indicates an anomaly whenever any preselected part of the scene varies from normal. This can be a door that stays open longer than normal or items on a shelf that run out after a predefined limit has elapsed, Etc.

Thanks to the Custom threshold settings, Brief changes in the scene are ignored because it returns to normal in an acceptable amount of time. Thanks to object detection based on artificial intelligence, Automatic exclusion of people or vehicles passing through the scene is guaranteed.

i-PRO Scene change detection

"We believe Scene change detection is the first integrated AI-based scene change detection application that optimizes Scene detection algorithm Learning from the captured images," he says. Norio Hitsuishi, Director of Product Management at i-PRO-. Our unique implementation is very powerful and allows users to specify the limits at which any change will trigger an alert after a certain time., something that traditional motion detection tests can't do.".

Scene change detection can used simultaneously with other applications, such as AI-based object motion detection, enabling security professionals to perform Multiple detections with a single camera. No need to use a high-end server, since the whole process is done thanks to the processing built into the cameras.

i-PRO Scene change detectionThis innovative app can learn several different detection situations, with up to Sixteen change zones supervised for each situation. For example, it is possible to receive an alarm via the i-PRO Active Guard plugin installed on popular video management systems such as Genetec, Milestone And Video Insight.

As Hitsuishi explains?, "Scene change detection is particularly suitable in cases of abandoned objects or parking violations.. False alarms are rare, since Moving objects are excluded, as people and vehicles. If we think about all the potential applications, from operations to logistics, The possibilities are endless".

The detection of scene changes thanks to AI is "another good example that demonstrates our open and flexible policy: We manufacture products and technologies that can be adapted to the needs of the market, whatever they are," he adds. Gerard Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA-. The possibility that a security camera also fulfills the dual function of monitoring the stock of a hospital supply room, where inventory management is vital, or in auditoriums and stadiums, where emergency exits must be kept clear at all times, are perfect examples of the improvements that this application can offer, beyond simple security".

Installation is easy thanks to the i-PRO configuration tool, that guides users through every step of the process, from scene detection with multiple images captured at intervals covering a wide variety of lighting conditions, to setting the makeover and area thresholds for the area being monitored.

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By • 7 Feb, 2023
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