i-PRO WV-X86531-Z2

With vandal protection, the camera i-PRO WV-X86531-Z2 incorporates AI-enabled analytics and accessories for discreet use, as well as cybersecurity features.

i-PRO WV-X86531-Z2i-PRO has expanded its line of multisensors with the PTZ camera + multidirectional outdoor WV-X86531-Z2. Small and light, Has powerful artificial intelligence features, with in-camera processing, Advanced cybersecurity and vandalism resistance for more installation options.

PTZ cameras + Traditional multisensors are usually heavy and bulky, which has relegated its use in external and elevated mounting positions. The new WV-X86531-Z2 features 3,8 kilos of weight and dimensions of 250×195 Mm. This allows, Operators can perform a lower installation and achieve better viewing angles for greater AI performance.

i-PRO WV-X86531-Z2“We believe that we have managed to create the PTZ option + Smaller outdoor multidirectional, lightweight and with vandal protection on the market", Says Gerald Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA. "The fact that this camera is the only PTZ model + Multidirectional market available with 6 Artificial intelligence applications with in-camera processing, It makes it the best in its category we've ever seen.".

The camera incorporates up to four multisensors 5 Mp, in addition the PTZ unit of 2 Mp. Each multisensor has a focal length of 3,2 mm and a 97° field of view with up to 360° panoramic coverage. With integrated auto-tracking it has a 21x optical zoom and a focal length of 4,0 To 84,6 Mm. It is fully integrated and this avoids the need for double assemblies, and also no calibration should be performed between the multisensor cameras and the PTZ to adjust the angle of view.

AI analytics and tracking

i-PRO WV-X86531-Z2The WV-X86531-Z2 is a PTZ camera + Multidirectional with built-in AI analytics, Supports four exclusive applications in the multi-sensor suite and two in the PTZ camera for high-precision notifications and forensic search.

Comes pre-installed with a powerful set of free AI-based analytics features. AI-based object recognition enables seamless passage of multidirectional targets, while automatic tracking with AI ensures you don't lose sight of your subject.

Operators can also interact with the camera by dragging a frame around any object in the multi-sensor image to automatically move it to that position and get a closer shot with auto-tracking..

This i-PRO camera offers continuous 360° coverage and compares each object with search criteria. When a person who matches the criteria raises the alarm, The system can automatically sweep and zoom in on the person to check that it is really the individual they are looking for..

Colors are very important for accurate object recognition and tracking, So multisensor cameras can work with a minimum illumination of 0,12 lux and PTZ camera with only illumination 0,011 Lux. This allows you to deliver colour images in the least illuminated environments.

For most use cases, such as forensic search, It is advisable not to use infrared lighting because its activation would change the camera to black and white mode. The camera is designed to make the most of ambient light from other sources.

Cybersecurity and anti-vandalism

i-PRO WV-X86531-Z2WV-X86531-Z2 integrates FIPS-compliant secure technologies 140-2 level 3 for maximum cybersecurity. It also incorporates a digital certificate issued by GlobalSign.

The camera incorporates the degrees of IP66 protection, IP67 and IK10, allowing it to be mounted in a wide variety of areas, both indoors and outdoors, for total flexibility and without fear of damage caused by weather conditions or vandalism.

You only need a LAN cable (with PoE++ power) and two VMS licenses. Low weight and hook mounting system save installers time, as they allow you to easily suspend and fit the camera housing.

For greater versatility and discreet indoor use, Accessories allow for recessed ceiling mounting that hides a considerable portion of the camera from the ceiling, decreasing the height around a 30%. Multi-sensor lenses, Essential for installation on low ceilings, can adjust their angle of inclination to suit the specific needs of each installation.

i-PRO PTZ cameras are gear-based for constant, repeatable motion accuracy, and do not require routine maintenance. Available in black or white, The WV-X86531-Z2 model includes four multisensors, while the WV-X86530-Z2 contains three. All multidirectional i-PRO models comply with NDAA standards.

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By • 16 Feb, 2023
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