i-Pro at Rhenus Logistics

A platform-based solution has been installed at the headquarters in this city in the Netherlands i-Pro Video Inside and is made up of 75 cámaras WV-SP105 4K para el interior y sistemas Full-HD de la serie WV-S1131 para el exterior.

i-Pro at Rhenus LogisticsRhenus Logistics is a company active worldwide in transportation, Storage and transfer of goods. Given the growth of its activities, built a new headquarters in Tilburg with warehouses for its contract logistics division. Committed to sustainability and safety, he decided to implement i-Pro solutions.

“Given the optimal experiences at our other sites with the platform i-Pro Video Inside, It was also installed at the headquarters. This has great benefits for the organization in terms of ease of use. Rhenus is a family-owned company that is not listed on the stock exchange. This gives us the advantage of working with a long-term vision and investing in a sustainable future. We choose sustainable solutions and a pleasant working environment, with lots of natural light, that we can make good use of for a long time”, Says Willem Boersbroek, director de Warehouse Solutions Países Bajos.

In addition to medical products, Rhenus Logistics also manages high-tech and high-end products from leading brands in the industry at the Tilburg site.

i-Pro at Rhenus Logistics“The center is very demanding in terms of service, quality, safety and security. The ability to track the flow of goods on site anytime, anywhere was the starting point for our safety.", Boersbroek says.

To this end, the following have been installed: 130 Cameras. They have a Warehouse Management System (GHS) in which transactions are recorded. All products are scanned, Pallets for loading and movements.

"Through the WMS we know exactly where a product or pallet is located. We can link the images from the cameras to the WMS to analyze any issues that may arise. For example, If twelve pallets have been loaded and the customer later reports that they have only received eleven pallets, We can see this through the recorded images”, Boersbroek continues.

“With the new constructions, The big advantage is that the security system can be built from scratch. We made a plan based on the description that the system had to meet. Together with i-Pro, we designed the technical backplan and worked together to launch the Video Inside platform. The camera system works on its own network. It is connected to the Rhenus network at one point so that the control room can log into the system”, adds Koen Versteijen, Head of Safety Projects at Hoppenbrouwers Techniek.

Self-storage for high-tech

i-Pro at Rhenus Logistics“Rhenus has a fully enclosed warehouse within the warehouse for valuable high-tech products that are stored using a self-storage system”, Boersbroek says.

i-Pro cameras record all human actions. Products can only be removed from the warehouse by means of an order in the WMS. As a result, The chance of theft is reduced to virtually zero. For this purpose, there are mobile cameras with their own hard drive.

Drivers don't have access to warehouses. They also cannot be present when loading and unloading goods.”For Your Convenience, We have placed screens in your waiting area that are connected to the security cameras, This way they can follow the loading and unloading process of their truck”.

Alarm control

All images are gathered in the control room, where they are kept and stored for thirty days.

“The control room is only accessible to a limited number of people. If there is an incident, we have a contract with V&B, An agency that conducts the research and starts to see the images. The system is also used for alarm monitoring. Securitas can access the cameras externally to see if there are any suspicious circumstances outside. The combination of the security system and the camera system is well coordinated”, Boersbroek adds.

Inside, some 75 Cameras i-Pro WV-SP105 4K, while the Full-HD of the WV-S1131 series Hang outside. This shows every square inch of the logistics zone. There are cameras at all access and exit doors.

“What we have noticed the most after installing the system is its great reliability and the high quality of the images. They're really sharp. That's a thing of the past. Weather conditions also have no bearing on the quality, and the building is well-lit, so the camera is not affected.", Boersbroek says.

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By • 23 Jan, 2024
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