i-PRO S Series and U PTZ

With a total of 35 new cameras, i-PRO has renewed its PTZ range and has incorporated artificial intelligence technology at the edge of the network, offering automatic tracking, improved performance in low-light situations and cybersecurity.

Maintaining its goal of integrating the artificial intelligence (The) to the security sector, i-PRO has added its first c'sPTZ cameras with this technology to the S Series, which now include a powerful AI processor, enabling advanced automatic tracking to make operators' work easier.

Cameras, equipped with high levels of cybersecurity, can run two different deep learning AI applications at the edge of the network, thus reducing the burden and costs of the server infrastructure.

Thanks to i-PRO's open platform AI strategy, the software development kit (Sdk) can also be used to integrate specialized third-party applications.

For the first time, i-PRO has also added PTZ cameras to your U Series, a range created for the most price-sensitive installations, that adds to the company's commitment to listen to market demands and respond to their needs.

S Series PTZ Cameras

i-PRO S SeriesDesigned to make the work of safety operators easier, New S-Series PTZ Cameras Deliver Improved Image Quality, especially in low-light situations, thanks to the latest image sensors and lenses that improve accuracy and prevent false alarms.

The Ambarella artificial intelligence processor Integrated enables advanced automatic tracking that can help operators detect, automatically enlarge and follow people, vehicles and bicycles, as well as the specific attributes of the detected objects (Color, guy).

Operators will also observe that PTZ camera response times are faster during predefined operations, as well as improvements in autofocus during manual operation, to ensure sharp images at all times.

S Series PTZ cameras are available in resolutions of 2 MP and 5 Mp, with relationships of 21-40x zoom in indoor and outdoor configurations, and in a wide range of options, as models with smoked dome, resistant to saline corrosion and black.

With IP66/IP67 protection against dust and water and an impact resistance IK10, S Series outdoor PTZ cameras are designed to work in demanding outdoor environments and can operate effectively at any temperature.

U Series PTZ Cameras

i-PRO U SeriesSpecially created for video surveillance projects that do not require AI functions, but they do need the main advantages of quality, i-PRO reliability and cybersecurity, New U Series PTZ Cameras Offer Economical Solution, easy to install and cybersecure.

U Series PTZ cameras have a resolution of 2 Mp, With 3.1x-21x zoom in indoor and outdoor configurations (the latter with IP66 and IK10 protection).

Both i-PRO series offer a new design in a smaller size, similar to that of many minidome cameras, that together with its optimal performance in low light situations, allows installation in almost any position and enjoy high quality and accurate images, With FIPS certification 140-2 level 3 in cybersecurity.

How you say Gerard Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA, "We have taken another important step to become the next generation's trusted partner for the security sector., making the job of security camera operators easier thanks to the first PTZ camera on the market that has an open AI platform at the edge, with the highest levels of cybersecurity".

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By • 1 Jun, 2022
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