Mobotix RP presentation headquarters Madrid

After presenting a complete package of hardware and software solutions, Mobotix continues to expand resources in Iberia and has moved its headquarters in Madrid.

blankIn a meeting with the press, Mobotix has presented its new offices in Madrid and has announced its future strategy based on R&D and cybersecurity.

A project that has taken shape in the novelties presented at the virtual event Innovation Splash, that was carried out a few days ago and that gathered a total of 18 new hardware and software solutions. (see more information at Digital AV Magazine).

The new offices and the increase in staff highlight the Commitment that the Group makes to reaffirm its presence in the Iberia market. This new headquarters, whose transfer was delayed by the pandemic, will allow Mobotix to consolidate itself as a technological development hub and training center.

Philip Antoniou, vp Sales EMEA Mobotix"In a time as complicated as these last months have been, we have multiplied the staff by five and we have moved to these offices of 300 square meters where technological development and training are encouraged", Explains Alfredo Gutierrez, country manager for Iberia and Italy.

These offices have areas for development, training and sales. In addition, a server rack has been installed that is synchronized with that of Germany.

Technologically, the mobotix open source platform 7, the development of third parties and the regional Hub are the strategic points of this company. To this is added the great impulse they give to the issue of cybersecurity.

Mobotix RP presentation headquarters Madrid

"Currently, all companies are online so cybersecurity has become a very important issue", Adds, Alfredo. For Mobotix, this is a technological challenge already overcome since it has long been part of the base of its equipment, is integrated into their cameras and have received different certificates internationally.

Their sights are set on continuing to invest in R&D, promote your business in vertical markets, especially the industrial, energy and retail.

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By • 1 Dec, 2021
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